Birdwatching in Costa Rica

Birdwatching in Costa Rica

The Birdwatching in Costa Rica is an extraordinary experience, with 812 recorded species with proof to date (Official List of Birds of Costa Rica, the Scientific Committee of the Ornithological Association of Costa Rica – published on April 2007).

Costa Rica offers to the bird watchers, great opportunities to spot different species of birds within relatively short distances, involving a wide variety of habitats in the six regions of the ornithological country since the sea level to mountains over 3000 meters high

It may surprise to many people to learn that in a country with so many species of exotic birds the national bird is the common yiguirro, a small bird of brown color that can be found throughout the country. It’s easy to hear the singing males during the breeding season which runs from March to May and that the villagers call “calling the rains.”

Bird Watching in Costa Rica

Bird Watching in Costa Rica

The four major areas in Costa Rica where you can watch birds correspond to some degree with the major geographical divisions of the country:

• The lowlands of the North Pacific.

• The lowlands of the South Pacific.

• The lowlands of the interior of the country.

• The Highlands in the interior in the country.

The dry part of Guanacaste, located at the north of the lowlands of the Pacific is a habitat shared by only a few birds from other parts of the country. It is, however, a perfect place for aquatic birds because it has a lot of estuaries, lagoons, and wetlands that form
the Tempisque Basin that has the biggest variety of freshwater birds in Centroamerica. In this area is located the Palo Verde National Park, at the mouth of the Tempisque river which is one of the best sites for bird lovers in all the country. On the other hand, the lowlands of the South Pacific are home to many species of neotropical birds common in South America as the jacamars, many parrots and antbirds. In this area within the forest the air is wet and cool and under the green of the trees is easy to hear the sounds of the birds.

In Costa Rica the birds are not shy and depending on the season, location and clearly of their lucky, the tourists can see dozens of bird species in a single day. Many tourism companies offer guided tours of birds as well as study tours. The country also has lodged in the mountains specialized in birdwatching.

But the heart of the jungle is not the best place to watch birds because of the density of the foliage that prevents locate the birds because of the confusing patterns of light and shadow. If you want to get the best results you have to seek clean strip of forest or a river where it will be easier to find the birds. The large size of the population of birds in Costa Rica has led them to fierce competition to find food. That’s why evolution has caused some birds to develop unique methods to search for food. For example, a bird named Attila is a ruthless murderer who eats his victims after crushing them against a tree. It feeds mainly on frogs.

The guided tours in Costa Rica will take you to the best destinations for the observation of the birds in the country for an unforgettable visit. There are a lot of tourist companies in Costa Rica that can help you for planning your bird watching vacation assisting you with technical questions in the area. Also, these companies organize tours to the best locations that make your trip the best experience you could possibly have in this country.

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