Cabuya town in Costa Rica

Cabuya town in Costa Rica – North Pacific

Cabuya in Costa Rica is located seven kilometers south of Playa Montezuma and just two kilometers from the Absolute Nature Reserve of Cabo Blanco. It also communicates directly with the Playa MalpaĆ­s only through a picturesque road suitable only for vehicles with dual traction. Cabuya is a rocky beach overlooking the open sea which has beautiful coastal vegetation and with a very strong current in some parts. Cabuya also has beautiful coastal scenery among which, the Cabuya Island has the particularity of having very old graves that dates from the pre-Columbian era that is quite interesting. During low tide, the tourist can reach the island of Cabuya in Costa Rica walking through a rocky platform that connects the island with the coast directly.

You have to visit this island as it is a very special place for the practice of sport diving in some of its spectacular reefs, for that reason you should not forget to bring your scuba gear. A bus leaves every two hours from Montezuma and goes directly to Cabuya, the service costs about 40 cents per passenger. In addition, there are other activities available in the area such as surfing, visit beautiful beaches, canopy tours and excursions to the falls that are close.
Cabuya in Costa Rica is the ideal beach for long walks of exploration and observation of the nature in particular of Cabo Blanco. There are a few hotels and restaurants in Cabuya, but most of your needs can be resolved in most developed tourist places like Mal Pais, Santa Teresa or Montezuma.

Cabuya in Costa Rica is probably one of the most picturesque cities of Nicoya, on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Cabuya can be reached by air, taking a flight from the Juan Santa Maria airport which only takes half an hour in arriving at the airport in Playa Tambor. From Playa Tambor, Cabuya can be reached through a trip by car about 50 miles through the towns of Montezuma and Coban. If you are traveling by car from San Jose, you have to arrive at Puntarenas, take the ferry to Paquera and then move directly to Montezuma that is located near Cabuya in Costa Rica.

In Cabuya there are a lot of things to do, tourists can practice horseback riding for a few hours or all day or take one of the tours that will take you to the beach of Mal Pais that is known as the heart of surfing in Costa Rica. Tourists can also walk or ride a bicycle in the Cabo Blanco National Park, one of the most visited destinations in the area. This great national park is one of the most beautiful destinations that can be found near Cabuya in Costa Rica with its beautiful white sand beaches and a variety of colorful birds, monkeys and more.

Cabuya in Costa Rica is basically the prelude to the Absolute Nature Reserve of Cabo Blanco because it is just 2 miles from this beautiful place. The tourist should try to visit the park early. The reason is very simple; in the morning is when visitors can see more species of animals of all kinds that have not been frightened by visitors. After touring the park with their long walks is good to have a room reserved for the night because it is almost certain that you will return tired and hungry, so there is no better option than to eat a good plate of seafood or the famous lobsters that are served in the restaurants of Cabuya.