Canopy in Costa Rica

Canopy in Costa Rica – Zip Line

The Canopy is a sport not suited for people who are afraid of heights because the platforms are so high that sometimes reach 27 meters or more. While you are standing on the swinging canopy equipped with trappings of quality and safety ropes, you can take a few minutes to enjoy a bird’s eye a great view of the forest to observe bromeliads and epiphytes as well as the abundance of birds Costa Rica that are unique to see, especially from the top.

It uses techniques developed by practitioners of declines in caves, canyons, and mountains to allow the adventurous tourists the chance to ascend to the canopy (the treetops) and observe the life of the forest from a perspective that only a select group of scientists and photographers could have. It is also a way to maintain and preserve the fragile ecosystem of the forest.

You will have the opportunity to travel from tree to tree and from platform to platform, using pulleys with ropes while horizontal slides by the treetops over the trails. The expert guides will give you assistance in this incredible journey through the different strata of the rain forest, and then descend back to the trail by the falling rope. Each tour is located in a different type of forest, and most importantly, is safe and fun for the whole family.

The Canopy Tour is definitely an adventure that you cannot lose. We left the city and we are entering the mountains and the forest that compound the vast ecological wealth of Costa Rica with spectacular scenes of vegetation, animals of all kind, ornamental plants and picturesque villages typical of Costa Rica. As we ascend we will feel the climate changes that are enjoyed in the country. This is an experience that is lived only once, which is to glide from platform to platform, flying through the canopy.

The slippage by the cables is divided into two basic sections:
– The section of forest, which begins with short wires to acquire confidence for the passenger, while admiring the canopy of the forest.
– The section of the adventure, which consists of much longer cables suspended from high platforms that require high levels of adrenaline. This is just for adventurous people.

On each platform, the adventurers have the opportunity to observe the forest of different angles and photograph the breathtaking scenery. All platforms are designed for the observation and not to harm or affect the tree and its surroundings.

The Canopy Tour is practiced throughout Costa Rica, in any place that has a lush forest or jungle with tall and strong trees. It is practiced in the Central Valley near San Jose, near the beaches where there are forests and in the mountains. A famous place where this activity is practiced in the Arenal Volcano for example.