Costa Rica Golf, Hanging Bridges, Horse Rides, Boat Rides

Costa Rica Golf, Hanging Bridges, Horse Rides, Boat Rides


Play 9 or 18 holes in a challenging course teeing in one of the most beautiful grounds in the world. The idea of playing Golf near the shore meanwhile watching the curling waves falling, feeling the ocean breeze and the tranquility of swimming into the pool or getting into the beach make of this country a must for Golfers. In Costa Rica there is a diverse range of courses, for instance San José, Guanacaste and Puntarenas, specifically at Playa Conchal Paradisus, Playa Grande (Rancho Las Colinas Golf & Country Club), Playa Herradura (Los Sueños Resort), and 4 grounds in San José Cariari Country Club and Costa Rica Country Club.

Golf Play at Guanacaste: Golf players enjoy the practice at the same time that they are watching incredible landscapes near the ocean shore in a warm climate. Some of the luxury resorts and hotels like Four Seasons (at the Papagayo Gulf) Conchal (near Flamingo) and Hacienda Pinilla (heading south from Tamarindo) hold 18-hole Professional Tournament Golf Courses designed by experts like Robert Trent Jones II, Mike Young and Arnold Palmer. Guides and caddies are always available, also the equipment can be rented as needed for golf shoes and golf clubs. Dress code varies, so then please contact us before coming.

Golf Play at Marriot Hotel Los Sueños: Surrounded by tropical forest in an isolated and peaceful ground, Los Sueños rainforest golf course is a 6.707 yard 18-hole master creation designed by Ted Robison Jr. making a perfect contrast against nature beauty scenery and challenging golf play. You will find exotic species of plants, trees and wildlife in this “naturally challenging” course. Caddies are substituted by “Golf Guides” who have been trained extensively, taking daily classes with a local biologist. Inside the hotel there’s equipment rent availability including clubs and golf shoes. Contact us for more details and dress codes.

Hanging Bridges

Built to guarantee user’s safety these hanging bridges are suspended at the forest canopy level so for visitors to observe all the amazing wildlife at a smooth paced walk. You can choose on having a professional guide or if you prefer a self-guided tour for which you will enter into the fascinating and colorful world of the Tropical Rain Forest. Specifically at the top of the bridges you will enjoy exploring the Cloud Forest of Monteverde and Arenal.

SKYWALK: A combination of Hanging Bridges and Platforms built in the Cloud Forest to appreciate the Forest Canopy in a secure and easy manner. The Tour includes 2.5 Km of trials and six hanging bridges suspended at the canopy tree level. The longest bridge is about 243 mt or 800 ft long.

SELVATURA PARK: Visitors can explore the forest canopy across the bridges up to 1.9 miles long at the top of the trees. If you would like to learn about this fascinating ecosystem we can go through the Cloud Forest History hike, explore the hummingbird and butterfly gardens or visit the Selvatura’s Educational Centre which holds the world’s largest private collection of insects.

Horse Rides

Ride a horse across the Cloud, Tropical Dry and Rain Forests of Costa Rica. In a slow pace ride you will pass through safe and well demarked trials that will lead you into some of the most landscaping and attractive places of Costa Rica.

During the horse ride you will enjoy all Costa Rican unique flora and fauna, if you would like to have an experience in the Tropical Dry Forest we should try to ride across the Rincón de la Vieja National Park, nevertheless if what you search is the Tropical Rain Forest experience then we can ride our horse up on areas like Monteverde, Nauyaca Waterfalls, Dominical and Arenal.

La Fortuna Waterfall: This adventure starts with 1 and a half hour riding a horse across the fields until finally reaching a checkpoint in which we will need to take a short hike down to the waterfall bottom where you will enjoy a real natural pond. After on, you will return to the hotel. This tour is 4 hour length and is recommended for visitors that are in well condition due to the demanding hikes and horse rides.

Hacienda Pozo Azul Horse Ride: Arriving at this spot, after registering and right after signing a disclaimer form your guide will take you up to the stables for proper wearing usage and he’ll assign a horse according to your experience, also the guide will explain basics on how to ride a horse, specially to the ones who doesn’t have any experience at all or just a little. We will start the tour across the livestock fields, recovered soil and forest patches. As Sarapiquí is one of the best places for bird observation you will always find an opportunity to stare and watch attractive wildlife in the ride. The tour finishes at the back door of the stables after a relaxation moment on bold nature presence.

Rincón de la Vieja: 27 Km or 17 Miles heading northeast up from Liberia we will find Rincón de la Vieja National Park, which possesses and protects more than 14000 hectares of forest hills and cattle pastures, however its sole exceptional characteristic is the Rincon de la Vieja volcano. Leaded by an expert guide you will enjoy the surrounding Old-growth forest of Rincón de la Vieja riding a horse and at the same time enjoying the beautiful landscapes up to the volcano. The trip will take our visitors across the park until reaching the Laguna Azul where the hot sulfured water swirls up on cold water. Meanwhile riding you will have the opportunity of watching a wide flora and fauna diversity and will enjoy magnificent sight spots.

Boat Rides

From the slow river water to the smooth ocean waves, you will find the beauty of natural water flows pleasing and enjoyable on a river cruise. These tours are perfect for visitors looking for nature encounter in a relaxed and comfortable experience. Boat rides can bring you the chance of seeing some of our country’s most valuable natural spots like dolphin and whales sights. Some of the trips also give you the opportunity of diving and snorkeling, in this way you can go around and see underwater sea life and coastal wildlife in a same tour. Also you can choose and have a Marlin Fishing travel as part of the variety of available Sport Fishing Tours. Particularly at the Papagayo Gulf, Sámara beach, Tortuguero mangrove, Uvita and Montezuma sport fishing and boat tours are a must. Also we can offer white water rides at the Tempisque river located in Guanacaste and Sarapiquí in Heredia.

Boat Ride in the Vida Silvestre Caño Negro Preserve: Caño Negro can be considered a bird sanctuary, making it ideal for bird watching fans, this place is located 25 Km or 20 miles heading southwest of Los Chiles town, near the Nicaraguan border (it takes about 2 hours if you come from La Fortuna). Caño Negro protects a great variety of migrating and resident birds, also this is the place where we can find numerous reptiles and mammals, some of them falling in the endangered species category including crocodiles, turtles, monkeys and tapirs.

Maritime Travels: Near Montezuma, Sámara and Papagayo Gulf these ship tours take you around various areas offshore. Generally departure time is at early morning and they offer the visitor the opportunity of diving and snorkeling, make a quick stop in a uninhabited beach, stare at the sunset in the ocean and if you are lucky watch some dolphins play. Usually these tours include snacks and beverages. Depending on the hotel accommodation you have we can recommend you a customized boat travel fitting it up to your expectations.

Sunset Cruises: Peaceful and pristine waters, staring at the sunset over the deck, anchored off near an isolated bay will make romance and beauty mix into an irresistible combination for love to surface.