Diving in Costa Rica

Diving in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is the ideal destination for adventurous travelers, as it is full of things to do and see. This small country is tropical heaven for those who enjoy the exuberant nature, with its magnificent biodiversity, is becoming one of the most important tourist destinations in the world. This country has rich biodiversity both on and off the water, making Costa Rica the perfect environment for nature lovers where you can see a lot of species of wildlife in their natural habitat.

The best way to see the wonderful marine life below the water in Costa Rica is through scuba diving. The scuba diving is one of the favorite activities for tourism in the country. For that reason right now in Costa Rica, there are many tour groups and travel agencies offering trips and excursions below the water. The tourist can find a lot of diving companies across the country with many facilities making diving in Costa Rica a very interesting activity for the adventurous tourist. With training courses offered by professionals as well as dive shops with a first-class service dedicated to the leasing of equipment, the scuba diving has reached very high levels.

In this tropical paradise, the diver can see massive schools of fish, an impressive collection of marine life and ideal water temperature throughout the year, mean that the conditions in Costa Rica for scuba diving are almost perfect. While the Pacific Coast of the country does not have much to offer because the visibility below the water is low, in places such as the Coco Beach, Playa Hermosa and Playa Ocotal scuba diving is very good. There you have the opportunity to see giant manta rays, sharks and tropical fishes very colorful and bright swimming everywhere.

Drake Bay is one of the best scuba diving places on the Pacific Coast. Also, the tourist can visit the Isla del Caño and Cocos Island and find a beautiful view under the water quite spectacular. These two islands have abundant marine life in their vicinity, where the diver can find sharks, turtles and many species of fish. For many experts, Isla del Caño is the best place to do scuba diving around the country. It is home of 18 species of corals, 3 species of dolphins and 57 species of crustaceans; this small island is definitely the most for scuba diving.

In the Atlantic Coast of Costa Rica, scuba diving is a true gift. Unfortunately, this area has not been sufficiently developed and facilities for scuba diving are not as good as those of the Pacific Coast. If you have the opportunity to scuba dive in this place, it’s worth doing, as the east sector of Costa Rica is the home of the only coral reef in the country, that is located in Cahuita National Park. Although it was very damaged by an earthquake in 1991, the reef is home of more than 123 species of fish, 140 species of mollusks and 35 species of corals. That makes this place a very special spot in Costa Rica if you love scuba diving.