Esterillos beach in the central pacific

Esterillos beach in the central pacific of Costa Rica

Playa Esterillos is a beautiful beach located in the province of Puntarenas, near Parrita, between Playa Bejuco and Playa Hermosa. The access to Playa Esterillos can be done from the north or south through the Costanera Sur highway passing near Quepos and Manuel Antonio National Park. From there the traveler goes south on a journey that takes about 20 minutes. The trip from San Jose can take 4 to 5 hours by car. The access to the place is very easy in comparison with other beaches that are more remote.

Playa Esterillos is a gray sand beach with pristine and blue water with more than 6 kilometers long coast and moderate to strong waves, very good for practitioners of surfing. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in the province of Puntarenas, with lush vegetation and small mangrove estuaries, a feature which owes its name. Because of the strength of its tides, swimmers must take extreme precautions when swimming to avoid a possible accident. Playa Esterillos has a warm and sunny weather thought almost the year making it perfect for people who enjoy sunbathing on the beach.

In the western sector, splendid inlets of warm water inlets are produced, perfects for taking a bath, making it one of the favorites spots for tourists, who can also swim in a small cascade that drops from one of the rocky promontories of the area. When the tide goes down Playa Carrillos shows a large beach made of fine sand. The tourism development of Playa Carrillos is moderate, with hotels, cabins and camping areas, making it an ideal place for vacationers who want to visit a little crowded place. It also has full-service water, electricity, and communications so the tourists will not suffer any discomfort.

Tourists can enjoy many activities such as camping, hiking the edges of mangroves, observation from the promontories near the beach, horseback riding and water sports among others. Because of the moderate tourism and real estate developmet, the nightlife in the place is not very exciting compared to other places like Jaco, however, is the perfect place for tourists who enjoy natural beauty and tranquility of places like this where the traveler can rest and relax.