Playa Grande in Costa Rica, Guanacaste

Playa Grande in Costa Rica, Guanacaste – North Pacific Coast

Playa Grande is located in the northern region of the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica in the province of Guanacaste; more specifically is among the National Park Las Baulas and the city of Tamarindo, with its white sand beach and blue water. Playa Grande is known for a very special visitor, the leatherback turtle, which reaches to spawn by hundreds each year between the months of October and January.

Playa Grande is one of the most important places for the spawning of this species of turtle. The leatherback turtle is one of the largest turtles and makes one of largest trips at sea, spawning from the beaches of Suriname to Malaysia, including some individuals that have been reported along the coast of Scandinavia. The Leatherback arrives at the beginning of October and the season runs through March, with activity in a top during November and December.
The warm blue water and golden sand from the coast of Playa Grande offer more open space and more privacy than any other beach on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica.

Playa Grande beach in Costa Rica has been awarded by the coveted Blue Flag Green (Blue Flag) annually since its creation. The Blue Flag is an environmental award, given for the quality of the water and for the maintenance of coastal areas, in a few words is a price just for the beaches that are friendly with the environment.

Another popular reason to visit Playa Grande in Costa Rica is its excellent conditions for surfing, which are on the main beach. Playa Grande is much calmer than for example Playa Tamarindo, but surfing is just as good. In fact, according to many experimented surfers normally the surf breaks are sufficiently robust to qualify among the best points of surfing in the country. More to the north of the beach is great for swimming if you are not a fan of surfing. There are others activities that you can enjoy at Playa Grande, for example, it is also possible to enjoy the wonderful beauty of nature, also is possible to rent equipment for kayaking, snorkeling and horseback riding making it an interesting place to spend your vacation.

Possibly the only inconvenient of Playa Grande of Costa Rica is that it does not have easy access to the place. Tamarindo is the nearest beach and it is located just a couple of miles from Playa Grande. Because there is no direct way to get to Playa Grande you need to cross the estuary between the beach and Playa Tamarindo. The shortest way to get there is by flying to Liberia International Airport and from there to the beach. Because this beach has a protective fence, no hotel has rooms overlooking the place; however, near Playa Grande, there are a number of hotels that are quite economic.