Playa Tambor in Costa Rica

Playa Tambor in Costa Rica

The town of Tambor is located in the Ballena Bay which is located in the south of the Nicoya Peninsula in the Puntarenas province at only 20 kilometers south of Paquera and almost 38 kilometers south of Naranjo. Tambor has a charming and long white sand beach, perfect for swimming and diving. This town is located within splendor and green hills and is a quiet and well-developed place which has its own airport, which is in fact the only local airport in the southern part of the Nicoya Peninsula.

Playa Tambor also was chosen as the location for a hit television series recently and is quickly becoming a destination of great fame among local and international tourism because of its natural beauty. There are enough hotels and resorts located throughout the area, including one who has a golf course, perfect for demanding tourists.

The biggest attraction of this town is that every year the whales migrate from the north of the planet to the warm waters of Ballena Bay to search a couple and give birth within the abundant marine habitat that can be found there. Tambor is bordered by two rocky platforms in the north and south, making the beach of Tambor protected of the waves of the Pacific Ocean. The beach is ideal for swimming, snorkeling or diving. It has a privileged climate, warm and sunny during virtually the entire year, perfect for people looking to relax and sunbathe.

The best way to get there is to fly to Tambor from San Jose via a domestic flight. However, for those who are traveling with a very tight budget may better driving to Puntarenas city and take a ferry to Paquera. After this, the visitor has to drive for 45 minutes to Tambor. This trip despite it can be very rough, it is very nice because it offers a wonderful view of the coast and some wonderful green scenarios.

Tambor is also an excellent spot if you want to go to Isla Tortuga or if you want to visit the beautiful and diverse National Wildlife Refuge Curu. It has really lush foliage and it is quite common to observe tropical birds of all kinds, which contributes to the enjoyment of ecological tourism. For the most active and adventurous persons, there are many activities that can be enjoyed as hiking, horseback riding, and various water sports. In addition, there are excellent opportunities for deep-sea fishing and playing golf, so it is easy to see that Tambor offers many varied activities for the most demanding tourist.

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