Quepos City in Central Pacific Costa Rica

Quepos City in Puntarenas – Costa Rica central pacific

Quepos is an extremely popular tourist destination in Costa Rica. Home to a population of about fourteen thousand people, it’s a bustling little city that is famous for its restaurants and bars. It’s served by an airport and is only about a hundred miles from the city of San Jose. The city boasts popular facilities for fishing, and a huge variety of fish can be caught by those who want to try their hand at fishing. In addition, Quepos is located in very close proximity to the famous Manuel Antonio National Park and is often considered the home to eco-tourism. If you are considering a holiday in Costa Rica, Quepos might be a place you’d like to stop off for a while. There are many Quepos vacation rentals that you can take your pick from if you choose to do so.

Living amongst the locals is always a great way to truly experience the flavor of a place. As tourists, it’s easy to feel on the outside. This is particularly the case when you are being carted around by a tourist group, or are staying in a hotel that is worlds away from how the locals live. Fortunately, in Quepos, as well as in nearby Manuel Antonio, there are many rental properties that tourists can take advantage of in order to get a better idea of what life in Quepos is really like. Staying in a rental property will let you experience a more authentic way of life while in Costa Rica. You’ll be able to take advantage of local amenities and enjoy browsing around the local restaurants, bars, cafes, shops, local markets, and the famous beaches.

There are several different companies that offer different vacation rentals in Quepos. It’s worth searching online or speaking to your travel agent about which of these might be best suited to you. These properties vary in their location, style, and of course their cost, so it’s best to consider what you really want or need first before putting down any of your hard-earned money as a deposit.

Some Quepos holiday rentals are set upon the Manuel Antonio National Park, giving you easy access to the national park. You’ll find yourself in a setting of thick forest, with the jungle wrapped about the property. Many of these properties are luxury rentals where you can enjoy the comforts of a resort while still being close to the stunning national park. It’s not uncommon for these properties to have facilities such as swimming pools, as well as all of the standard modern conveniences such as dishwashers and so on. Some of these properties are very large and are able to accommodate hundreds of people. People who are looking to host a wedding in Costa Rica may consider renting out one of these vacation rentals in Quepos and holding their wedding reception there.