Rafting in the north and the Atlantic from Costa Rica

Rafting in the north and the Atlantic from Costa Rica

Costa Rica offers different levels of rivers and the important thing is to choose the most convenient for you. The proper dose of adrenaline and rest will make the biggest difference in your holiday. In the Atlantic zone of Costar Rica, you can get daily departures from San Jose to the rivers of the Caribbean coast and to famous touristic places like La Fortuna de Arenal, giving the opportunity to start in a destination to finish in the place that most interests you. In the middle of the road, there are located interesting places ready to be explored by the tourist. The personalized service and innovation activities offered by the rafting tours is the essence of the service offered by the travel companies. These companies have the best teams of guides, which will share with you their wide experience, skill, knowledge, and love for the rivers during this exciting journey. The rafting tours to the north of Costa Rica generally offer:

• Transportation to/from San Jose-Caribbean-South- Arenal Volcano
• Delicious Meals: Breakfast and lunch
• Expert guides rafting
• Using the center of exploration: showers, changing rooms for wet clothes, bar, shop
souvenir, parking, and tropical gardens.

The tours to the rapid in the northern Caribbean is responsible for providing all facilities to make of the experience on the wild rivers something memorable for all tastes and levels of experience. You are invited to explore these beautiful rivers.

The best-known rivers of the area are Reventazón River and the Pacuare River. These rivers, on the side of the Caribbean Sea, can be traversed throughout the year and have waters of class II through V, depending on the section of the river and the season. From June to October is the time when it is considered that the rivers are more “wild”, which coincides with the rainy season but you will get wet no matter in what time of year you go. There are tours of rapids for all levels of experience. The tours encouraged passengers to use a lot of sunscreen cream and also must bring a change of clothes.

Rio Pacuare

This great river of tropical exuberance is world-renowned among fans or experts to “rafting” that love travel in a fast river in rafts or kayaks. It is considered by many as one of the most beautiful rivers in the world to practice such activity. It is a river class III and IV. During the tour, you can enjoy waterfalls and tributaries of the Pacuare that are supplemented with the lush green vegetation. This always gives you a special value to this trip.

Rio Reventazón

This tour is ideal for beginners. It begins at the station of the Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad, known as Casa Maquinas and ends in the town of Florencia. The duration is about 2 hours, the minimum age is10 years old and the journey is 12 miles.
One of the guides will give a talk on security and provide a little practice before facing the rapids. Once the tour of the river is concluded, the tour will go to the restaurants that are located in the area.