Sailing in the Central Pacific of Costa Rica

Sailing in the Central Pacific of Costa Rica

The Central Pacific of Costa Rica extends along on the west coast from Puntarenas until the beautiful beach of Dominical, a region that holds a lot of beaches surrounded by palm trees in front of a warm blue sea and sheltered by mountains and valleys covered with a lush forest.

The sailing tours through the waters of the Central Pacific of Costa Rica offer a spectacular journey filled with adventure for any tourist who wants to experience them. Usually, the visits start on a bus that takes you to the port of Puntarenas, a starting point for reaching the most beautiful beaches of the Pacific of Costa Rica. Once aboard the yacht or catamaran, you can sail between some of the 23 islands in the calm waters of the Gulf of Nicoya where you can see dolphins, sea turtles and sea birds in their natural environment. During these tours, the crews of the ships would be devoted to properly care for you serving food and drinks very delicious.

A tourist destination that is highly sought in the Central Pacific of Costa Rica to conduct tours of navigation, is the trip to Turtle Island that is particularly delightful for its beauty and is known for its immaculate white sand and turquoise waters. Turtle Island is the perfect place to swim, dive and enjoy the natural beauty of the area. During most of the visits, you can enjoy a refreshing drink under the shade of white umbrellas at tables covered by white tablecloths, while the crew is serving a feast.

Another highly recommended destination in the Central Pacific of Costa Rica is the environs of Manuel Antonio. Your adventure aboard a classic yacht begins when you browse the picturesque coast, passing through the beautiful beaches and islands near the Manuel Antonio National Park. To use the time during the “green season” the sailing tours usually takes usually half-day trip and during the dry season which may last a little more. As the boat glides silently under the sail, you probably can see beautiful dolphins that often swim in the bow of the boat following the trail that leaves in its path.

The sailing tours to Caño Island in Costa Rica will allow you to explore the beautiful reef that is located near this island that has great beauty. You can also walk through evergreen forests on a path that will allow you to view a lush rainforest and artifacts left behind by pre-Columbian Indians who used the island as an ancient graveyard. You will also see some of the mysterious spheres of granite that can be found only in Costa Rica mainly in the Pacific of Costa Rica. Anthropologists still do not find a satisfactory explanation of why these people built these spheres.

As you can see the sailing tours in the Central Pacific of Costa Rica offer something for every taste in addition to a great adventure to observe the nature of this beautiful area of the country.