South Pacific Costa Rica

South Pacific Costa Rica

The South Pacific region of Costa Rica is known for its biodiversity, its natural beauty and its complex eco-system perfect for nature lovers. The National Geographic magazine has called this area “the most biologically intense on the earth”, and that is for a good reason. The southern region offers dramatic scenery, unforgettable adventure and a special season to remember. You cannot lose the opportunity to visit this zone if you are in Costa Rica. The Osa Peninsula will not disappoint you because it has a collection of exotic birds in bright colors, blue waters and emerald green forests that extend for many miles. This and more is offered to you by this incredible region that stretches from the river Baru to the border with Panama and from the Talamanca Range to the Pacific coast.

The best time to visit this region of Costa Rica is from January to April when there is little rain. If you do not bother a downpour, the flower and the juicy green of the forest will be more than compensate for this small inconvenience. After an hour’s flight from San Jose, you will feel transported to another world. You will find places of accommodation outside the parks and reserves areas, but they specialize in custom adventure tours. In this place, you can enjoy different activities like dive, dive surface (snorkeling), hiking and bird watching that are activities for true exploration of the field. The Isla del Caño in Costa Rica waters has been ranked by the magazine Skin Diver, among the best places for diving adventures. Located at the southern tip of Costa Rica, this virgin area offers a variety of attractions for scuba diving, reefs, 15 ‘- 16′ to “walls” of 80. “The fall of the devil” for example, is a pilot begins at 40 ‘and drops to a depth of 250′. The visibility is rarely below 50′.

Expert guides in Costa Rica can take you to travels of one or more days where you can learn about the different facets of the natural actors in the forest. The guide will teach you the most unique and incredible places that the forest can offer. Among your provisions, you must pack insect repellent and if you are camping, bring mosquito nets or networks, because the mosquitoes or flies are very abundant and can be annoying. The travelers will find a wide variety of lodgings in the area that offers friendly and efficient service. The boats are required to transfer to the coastal areas of the peninsula. The beaches of Pan Dulce, Carate and Carbonara in Costa Rica are very beautiful and special for a day trip. Most hotels are here to offer multi-day packages that include local flights to and from San Jose, transfers, accommodation, all meals, and excursions.

This area of Costa Rica is not an area with the most tourism development as others parts of the country, for that reason you are not going that many bars and restaurants, although there are and you’ll pretty good service and fun, and the area has many forms of natural-outdoors entertainment for which the tourists can enjoy a truly unforgettable holiday.

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