Surfing in the Caribbean of Costa Rica

Surfing in the Caribbean of Costa Rica

The Caribbean coast is a place to visit while you are on a tour around Costa Rica. It is quite different from the Pacific as it is more exotic and closer to the tropics. Because of the storms produced in the Caribbean and the coral reefs, there are produced strong perfect waves. It is always better to go surfing alongside the people who know the area. In addition to incredible waves, the Caribbean offers good food, excellent cultural and happy people ready to enjoy the party. Here are the best places for surfing in the Caribbean of Costa Rica:

Manzanillo In Costa Rica

Is located in the Gandoca-Manzanillo Reserve, 20 km south of Puerto Viejo. The north end of this beach has a fast break but in the extreme south, there is virtually no surf because is heavily protected by a large coral reef.

There is not much surfing on this beach compared with other places, but it is near Puerto Viejo and is a great place to hang out at the beach and practice other activities. The road from Puerto Viejo is unpaved, but a 4WD is not necessary. There are restaurants and bars that serve good food at good prices.

Puerto Viejo Surf

Puerto Viejo is an area where it is practiced excellent surfing and is better known for having the largest and most powerful wave in Costa Rica, “Salsa Brava”.
The waves usually have very sharp breaks rights in addition to a tubular form that will provide you with a short but sweet trip. Puerto Viejo is about 4 hours by car from San Jose and is a beautiful Caribbean village with a lot of reggae music and rich seafood.

Surfing in Cahuita Costa Rica

It has an excellent beach break, but is not well known and therefore not very used to surfing. However, there are decent waves throughout the year. Cahuita is near the main road to Puerto Viejo, about 2 km north of the entrance to the Cahuita National Park, one of the most beautiful places in Costa Rica.

Westfalia Beach break

This is a stretch of beach breaks from Limon to Cahuita that offers breaks left and right that tend to shut down when the tide is very strong.

Uvita Beach – Costa Rica

It is an island off the coast of Limon. There is a perfect, but dangerous wave that breaks over a reef. The island is about 20 minutes by boat from Limon with passage available only at certain times of the year.

Playa Bonita In Costa Rica

It is a beach with a point/reef break known to be very big, powerful and dangerous, which breaks down to the left. The access can be done by an easy trip to the coast of Limon.