Surfing in the North Pacific of Costa Rica

Surfing in the North Pacific of Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a tourist destination well-known and well-developed for surfing especially when you take into account that there are direct flights from the U.S. This has helped increase its popularity. The country is safe, beautiful, friendly and blessed with great surfing conditions on both coasts.
The North Pacific of Costa Rica, in general, offers good quality surf throughout the year. The winds from the northwest during the month of December to March and thunderstorms in the northern hemisphere create ideal conditions for the waves. The best places in the Pacific north of Costa Rica for surfing are:

Potrero Beach
It is a remote beach in Costa Rica that has very good waves and impressive breaks points that will be enjoyed by any lover of the surf. There is no road access but you can rent a boat near the beaches of Playa Ocotal, or Coco.

(Also known as Witch’s Rock). It has one of the best beach breaks in the country, with very strong winds from the west from December to March. This remote beach is located in the Santa Rosa National Park, about 38 km north of Liberia. To reach it is advisable to go in a 4×4 but you can also arrive by boat from El Coco.

Grande Beach in Costa Rica
It has beach breaks situated about 20 minutes north of Tamarindo. Recently was added to the system of national parks to protect nesting sites for leatherback turtles. This beach is accessible by road.

Tamarindo Beach
Tamarindo beach and town in Costa Rica is a place that has a good central location for surfing in the North Pacific. There are plenty of good hotels and restaurants. There are also surf shops well equipped.

Langosta Beach in Costa Rica
There are breakpoints to the right and left that form near the mouth of a small river. Langosta is easily accessible and is located about 1 km south of Tamarindo.

Surf in Avellanas – Costa Rica
In the event that surfers want to choose a beach break, an estuary beach, and a reef break, Avellanas is the right place as it has excellent conditions for surfing. Avellanas is located about 10 kilometers south of Tamarindo and is now easily accessible by a dirt road fixed.

Playa Negra Beach
Playa Negra in Costa Rica has one of the best breakpoints of the North Pacific, thanks to its reefs. Playa Negra is located 15 km by road from Tamarindo and is accessible by car, but during the rainy season is recommended to use a 4WD.

Nosara Beach, Guanacaste – Costa Rica
A beach with beach breaks left and right. This area is best known for its excellent Sportfishing, but it’s not a bad trip from Tamarindo and you can also enjoy good surf.

Malpaís and Coyote in Costa Rica
You can find all the good beach breaks in the remote Nicoya Peninsula, where 4WD is a necessity because of the rivers and the heavy mud that make the roads little passable. For some people, the remoteness of the place is good with long stretches of empty beaches and the nature of Costa Rica.