Tamarindo beach in Guanacaste

Tamarindo beach in Guanacaste – Costa Rica.

Tamarindo beach an the town located in Guanacaste, northernmost pacific province, has a long tradition as a tourist destination in Costa Rica, especially among people from the United States. Even there are fast food restaurants, which caused several protests, even from foreigners as it is considered that threatens the cultural identity of the area. The tamarind trees in this area of Costa Rica offer shade on the wide beach and is the origin of the city name. In the north along the beach, only separated by the Rio Matapalo, it is located also Playa Grande, another important tourist destination of Costa Rica. This region is part of The Leatherback National Park and one of the most important sites for turtles nesting across the Pacific coast.

In the coastal town of Tamarindo – as in most of Costa Rica – the sun shines every day and the temperature is warm and pleasant throughout the year, with very low humidity levels. Bordered by national parks on the north and south, and east by mountains that provide a stunning ocean view, Tamarindo is a privileged area of great beauty, with a white sandy beach which extends for three miles and a half. It is also a place rich in biodiversity and on the north side of the bay, the leatherback turtles come each year to lay their eggs creating an almost surreal spectacle. It is also common to observe howler monkeys, also known as Congos, swinging through the trees around the village. In the evenings you can hear the little parrots screaming, preparing for the night. Due to its location in the middle of two estuaries (El Tamarindo and San Francisco), Tamarindo is the perfect home for migratory birds, monkeys and a great diversity of wildlife. During the rainy season, from May to October, is likely to fall small downpours in the afternoon, making the beach shining and clouds full of color create an unforgettable sunset.

As in many other beach communities of the Pacific North, the population of Tamarindo beach and the town itself comes from countries around the world. This raised an incredible variety of restaurants for all tastes and budgets, as well as many shops and galleries that sell ceramics and other interesting craft items. At the center of Tamarindo, tourists can find a selection of restaurants, bars, clubs, surf schools, tour operators, language schools and shelters. The offer is very diverse in activities: scuba diving courses, fishing on the high seas, horseback riding, excursions with boats to secret locations for surf and much more is possible in Tamarindo. The waves of Tamarindo are so good that came to the movies in the movie Endless Summer! Who still have energy at night can come out to dance in one of the nightclubs or try to test the luck at the casino.

Tamarindo in Costa Rica has a place reserved in the schedule for the national championship of surfing; international competitions were also held in this beautiful city of the surf. Another category of competition which comes frequently to Tamarindo is sport fishing.

.Tamarind trees offer shade on the wide beach, it is the cause of the city’s name. In the north, the beach borders, only separated by the Matapalo River, with Playa Grande. This region is part of Las Baulas National Park and one of the most important places for turtles along the Pacific coast

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