The province of Heredia in Costa Ric

The province of Heredia in Costa Ric

Heredia is a very interesting province in Costa Rica. The province is located in the north-central part of the country. To the north, it borders the San Juan River (border with Nicaragua), at east with the province of Limon, at south with the province of San Jose and at west with the province of Alajuela.

Heredia is located a very short distance of the capital San Jose. The lush and glorious province of Heredia is one of the most beautiful provinces of Costa Rica and it is known for its green hills full of coffee plantations and its volcanic national park. This mountainous region also has dense tropical forests, stunning waterfalls, and impressive rivers, which make it an ideal destination for those who enjoy nature. If you are in the region, definitely worth visiting the province of Heredia as it offers a plethora of activities both nature and adventure.

The capital of the province shares the same name as the province itself and is located only 10 kilometers north of the capital San Jose. Heredia is one of the largest cities in Costa Rica, with a very elegant environment. It is proud of having all the attractions that Costa Rica has to offer and this area is a great place to camp when a tourist is visiting the country. That is because in Heredia you are out of the tumult and trafficking of the capital and close enough to be able to enjoy everything that San Jose offers. With a small-town atmosphere, in Heredia is easy to find enough hotels and accommodations to fit all budgets. Visitors can accommodate from resorts in the mountains to modern hotels in the heart of Heredia.

Heredia has several tourist attractions but probably the most famous is the Volcano Barva within the Braulio Carrillo National Park that is one of the few volcanoes that tourists can climb all the years. At the base of Volcán Barva are some wonderful green pastures and a majestic cloud forest near its top, where you can stay in a cottage with fireplace and some quiet restaurants that serve food grilled over wood timber of coffee. It is an idyllic environment for those who wish to enjoy a holiday surrounded by nature.

Braulio Carrillo and Tapanti National Parks are located north of Heredia and are filled with a plethora of wildlife. They are really beautiful with a dense forest due to the constant rain and offer to the ornithologists a rare vision of the quetzal, one of the most culturally significant birds in Central America. Among the animals that one can find here, there are the puma and the tapir that tend to live in more dense vegetation. Another attraction that exists in Heredia includes the Butterfly Farm, The World of Snakes and the Zoo Bird, which provide a less dangerous but equally fantastic view of the wildlife of Costa Rica. The province of Heredia is very picturesque, full of history and old traditions. It has beautiful wooded mountains, plains, and valleys watered by rivers which occasionally have waterfalls, lagoons or transit navigable for small boats, it also has attractions as the Bosque de la Hoja, Monte de la Cruz, San Jose de la Montaña, Braulio Carrillo National Park in the sector of the Barva Volcano, the waterfalls of La Paz and the Angel. The region of Sarapiqui has been characterized by an increasing amount of tourist attractions like the practice of canopy, water rafting and hiking in the mountains.

On the other hand in the region of Santo Domingo is located the INBioparque which seeks to promote the value of biodiversity and the importance of conservation through recreation and education of visitors. Within its facilities can be found flora and fauna typical of the area that is being studied by the scientists.

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