Costa Rica Horseback Riding Tours

Jaco Costa Rica Horseback Riding Tours

The Costa Rica horseback riding tours are a relaxing way of enjoying Costa Rica’s scenery and countryside.

These amazing horseback tour, lead to excellent places while enjoying the majestic view of nature.

Have fun with us on this journey through the beauty and scenery of the mountains of Costa Rica.

This tour can be enjoyed equally by those with experience and those who first make a journey on horseback. Our experienced guides are ready to help at any time in need, making sure to experience unforgettable.

The tours can last from 2 to 5 hours, including the customer’s request may take more hours. The difficulty levels vary from easy walks to more complex terrain. We offer specialized care for clients who have their first ride or for those customers and more experienced riders.
All our horses during the tours are equipped with comfortable and light mounts.
Enjoy with us the beautiful experience of riding in rural Costa Rican beaches and internationally renowned.