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Airport Transfer to Playa Pavones

About Playa Pavones

Playa Pavones is located about 40km south of Golfito, at the southern zone o Costa Rica, near the border with Panama. It is a legendary remote surf spot which offers one of the longest left-side waves in the world, and defiantly the longest in Costa Rica. It takes around 1.8m (6 ft.) of swell to get this wave cranking, but when the surf’s up, you’re in for a long, long ride – so long, in fact, that it’s much easier to walk back up the beach to where the wave is breaking than to paddle back. When the swell is big, a full-ride can reach 800 meters!

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The swells are most consistent during the rainy season, especially from April to July, but you’re likely to find surfers here year-round. Locals tend to be pretty possessive around here (both the wave and local properties have engendered bitter disputes), so it’s recommended not to try to catch a wave when other surfers are already on it.

Other than surfing, nothing much goes on in Pavones. The beach is rocky and not ideal for swimming. You can hike into the rainforests that back up this beach town, or stroll south on the beaches that stretch toward Punta Banco and beyond, all the way to the Panamanian border. Various lodges are starting to sprout up, but so far most accommodations are very basic – Pavones is a tiny village with few amenities.

Pavones is so overwhelmingly a surf destination that other tour options are just starting to be offered. Still, this area is surrounded by vast stands of virgin rainforest and has miles of deserted beaches stretching all the way down to Panama. You can hike the forests or the beaches, visit a jungle waterfall, or go for a horseback ride.