Transfer to Uvita Beach in Costa Rica

Airport Transfers to Uvita Beach in Costa Rica

About Uvita Beach
The area which is located Playa Uvita is described by many people as one of the areas with the highest biological diversity in the world. It is situated in the southwest of Costa Rica and it has beautiful beaches and sceneries really charming. Uvita is one of the most splendid beaches in the south Pacific coast of Costa Rica, for that reason tourism is increasing day by day. Located in the province of Puntarenas barely 16 kilometers for Dominical beach, is a famous place for surfing. Uvita is part of the famous Whale Nacional Marine Park.

It is located in the southern part of the province of Puntarenas and the best way to reach Playa Uvita is to fly to Juan Santa Maria International Airport and from there take a bus to Quepos and Dominical. From there you can take another bus to Playa Uvita, which is a relatively short trip. Another good alternative for tourists is taking a flight to South Palomar Airport and then drive to the Uvita beach.

San Jose to Liberia Airport to Uvita Beach

Liberia Airport to Uvita Beach Costa Rica

The visitor can travel to Uvita during all the year because it has nice weather almost all the time. Uvita Beach is a 2 miles beach of white sand with moderate waves and crystal blue water. Because this beach is part of Ballena National Marine Park any hunting or fishing of marine life is strictly prohibited. However, conditions are ideal for swimming and tourists can enjoy a variety of water sports. The best attraction of Playa Uvita is its beautiful scenery with its estuaries and mangrove swamps as well as its enchanting atmosphere and the friendly people.

The horseback riding, snorkeling, kayaking, and scuba diving are popular activities in Uvita, however for people who prefer more relaxing activities can walk along the shore or take a sunbath on the beach and enjoy the beautiful scenery and the splendid marine life that offers Uvita Beach. It’s a relatively quiet beach without so many tourists; the visitant can also take a tour to Isla del Caño, Isla Violins, Whale Island or walk a few miles to the forest or the mountains.

In Playa Uvita, the tourist can find accommodations at very reasonable prices with many guest houses, hotels, and rustic cabins. If you want to stay on the beach is easy to find rooms and cabins for rent. There are also enough bars and restaurants to eat, and sodas (small and cheap cafes) that offers local delicacies.

Despite the remoteness with respect to the capital, areas near Playa Uvita are experiencing a boom of tourism and real estate really impressive with the construction of hotels and condominiums. In addition to that, the zone is experiencing an increase in the price of land near the coast.