Airport Transfer to Esterillos Oeste

San Jose and Liberia Airport Transfer to Esterillos Oeste

There are three beaches, all going by the generic name “Esterillos” with tags of “West,” “Central” and “East.” Each has however its distinctive characteristics even though there is very little physical separation between

Esterillos Oeste (West) is really two communities. If you pass the first marked road to the beach and make a hard-left turn at the second entrance, you will end up in the pueblo, a cluster of small homes, stores, and an educational center to your right, with an extensive campsite to your left.

San Jose Airport to Esterillos Oeste

Liberia Airport to Esterillos Oeste


The small restaurant at the beach here has excellent food, especially the chicken.

Beach-front homes for rent near tourist attractions at Esterillos There is a statue of a mermaid (“La Sirena”) on the rocks at the west end of the beach, and a high-relief carving nearby in the lava rock, visible only at low tide, of lovers. Tourist attraction near vacation homes for rent at Palo Seco

Overlooking this gallery of fine art there is a hillside restaurant. Visitors to this end of Esterillos Oeste need not fear hunger — there is something to eat almost anywhere one turns.

Like Hermosa, this beach is said to have been host to surfing competitions.

If you drive carefully you may be able to wend your way through the campsite to the “main” beach road, which fronts a string of residences beginning with a pulperia. But taking the first entrance encountered on the way from Parrita is easier. This entrance is marked and is at a bus stop. The road here goes straight out to the pulperia. Esterillos Oeste great surf near beach front vacation homes for rent beyond the pulperia there is a long strand of beach-front properties, including quite a few houses of varying quality. Fishing from this beach is popular, and it is said to be a good place to take langostas (lobsters).