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Airport Transfer to Malpais and Santa Teresa

About Malpais

Mal pais is a tranquil little village with a few hotels spread out along three kilometers of road. At the southern end, Malpais borders the Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve while to the north it merges with the bigger village of Santa Teresa, where you can find more shops, tourist facilities, and a vibrant surfer scene. Although Mal pais is known as one of the top surf destinations in Costa Rica, the most popular surf spots are on the beaches of Santa Teresa and most people who come to this area actually stay at Santa Teresa and won’t reach Malpais.

Liberia Airport to Malpais

San Jose Airport to Malpais Santa Tersa

The coastline of Mal Pais is in many parts rocky and some bizarre volcanic rock formations create fascinating scenery. While wandering along the beaches you will often see flocks of pelicans sailing along the shore or diving for fish.

The proximity of the Cabo Blanco National Park is the reason for teeming wildlife and verdant forests. Although there is no entrance to the reserve from Mal Pais, you can enjoy the surroundings of Cabo Blanco on a walk along the beach or up the hill. It’s not rare to see monkeys, snakes, armadillos, and parrots wondering around the trees near the beach area.

Behind Mal Pais and Santa Teresa, there are hilltops with panoramic views of the shoreline as far as the distant mountains of Guanacaste. There is also a large pool for snorkeling at one of the southern beaches of Mal Pais and caves to explore in the jungle. The waves open to both left and right, and the beach line is long and open, so one can always walk further and find a totally deserted beach.

Reaching Mal Pais is not a simple joyride. The roads around it are not paved so most people come from the inner side of Peninsula, after taking a ferry from Puntarenas to Paquera, and the second option is to come from Tamarindo area, which is a beautiful and long ride on dirt roads. Visit for tours and activities in Santa Teresa and Malpais

Mal Pais and Santa Teresa have become very popular lately, the place is considered very “In” and there are beach rave parties during the holidays, and more bars and restaurants. During the rainy season, it is still relatively peaceful and tranquil.

Mal Pais/Santa Teresa Tips

Renting a bike and going for a long ride along the beach from Santa Teresa to the north is a great experience. There are so many deserted beautiful beaches around.

Don’t leave a surfboard around the beach without watching it. Lots of boards were stolen in Mal Pais during the last year.