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About Manuel Antonio

The town of Quepos is located near the entrance to the famous Manuel Antonio national park, one of Costa Rica’s most visited (although one of the smallest) nature reserves. The park owes its popularity to the possibility of seeing many of Costa Rica’s wild animals within just two minutes walk from the park entrance! It also offers some of the nicest beaches in Costa Rica, much nicer than the beaches you’ll see outside of the reserve.

Manuel Antonio Costa Rica
Manuel Antonio Costa Rica

Walking in the park without seeing at least one of the three monkey’s species is quite rare, and you can also see iguanas, sloths, snakes, agoutis, peccaries, armadillos, coatis, raccoons, and 350 species of birds. Keep in mind that it is usually crowded, so the best time to visit would be early in the morning, mid-week and preferably during the rainy season.

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The beaches inside the park are great for swimming but have no surf. There is a small break at the beach which is located to the north of the park, but the waves are way smaller than at Jaco and Playa Hermosa.

The popularity of the park makes it a tough mission to find a hotel room at Manuel Antonio, especially if you are looking for cheap accommodation. It is highly recommended to reserve a room in advance during the dry season.

The town of Quepos might offer more options to backpackers, but if you are visiting during the dry season and don’t want the hassle, you can just visit the park for a day and return to sleep anywhere between Quepos and Jaco, which is only a one hour drive to the north.

If the beach outside the park is too crowded, take a walk along the beach to the north, in the direction of Quepos, and when the beach ends with rocks, climb over them, and after about 200 meters you’ll find a beautifully hidden bay that is the unofficial nudist beach.