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Cahuita Limon
Cahuita Limon

Cahuita is a sleepy Caribbean beach village and the first major tourist destination you will reach heading south out of Limon. The boom going on in Puerto Viejo and the beaches south of Puerto Viejo has in many ways passed Cahuita by. This is one of the most laid-back villages in Costa Rica. The few dirt and gravel streets here are host to an unhurried parade of pedestrian traffic, parted occasionally by a bicycle, car or bus.

The village traces its roots to Afro-Caribbean fishermen and laborers who settled in this region in the mid-1800s, and today the population is still primarily English-speaking blacks whose culture and language set them apart from other areas of the country. A dialect called patua; which is a combination of French, Spanish and English words, is also spoken by the locals. People come to Cahuita for its miles of pristine beaches which stretch both north and south from town. It can rain almost any time of the year here but the most dependable dry season is in September and October.


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If you go to Cahuita then you have to visit Cahuita National Park. The ecological area of 2,600 land acres (1,052 hectares) and 55 marine acres (22 hectares) was declared a national park in 1970. The sandy beaches lined with rain forest and the coral reef offshore is all part of Cahuita National Park. After a major earthquake in 1991, the coral reef emerged almost 3 ft. above sea level.

Cahuita transfers, Private Shuttle
Cahuita transfers, Private Shuttle

Cahuita’s coral reef is the only mature coral formation on the Caribbean coastline. Different coral species are found here like the elkhorn and the smooth brain. Numerous species of fish inhabit the waters; french angelfish, blue parrotfish, barracuda and queen angelfish. Green turtles also make these waters home. Howler monkeys, raccoons, and white-nosed coatis can easily be seen in the park, don’t forget to bring your camera. The Estrella River carries sedimentary deposits that are affecting the coral reef and its life forms.

Many tourists prefer Cahuita for its laid back atmosphere and the gorgeous beaches that extend along the Caribbean Coast. This town is 28 miles (45 km) south of Limon. The village has a main dirt street lined with restaurants, bars, and small hotels. Cahuita was founded in 1828 by a Panamanian named William Smith.

When you stay in Cahuita you can feel the Caribbean vibe, Caribbean style rice, and beans for dinner and reggae music in a local bar. Rastafarians with their dreadlocks can be seen selling crafts or surfing. If you are a budget traveler you can camp in the park, the camping area offers fresh water, toilets, and grills. North of Cahuita you will find Playa Negra (Black Beach) named after the color of the sand in the area. This beach runs for miles so you can walk in its black sands.