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About Cabo Matapalo

Cabo (Cape) Matapalo is located in Puntarenas Province in a peninsular region called Osa. Peninsula de Osa is in the extreme southwest part of Costa Rica near the border with Panama. Cabo Matapalo is not really a town; it is home to the most diverse flora and fauna, a secluded beach area sought by surfers from around the globe. You will find accommodations here but if you want to enjoy a retreat in paradise you should consider visiting Cabo Matapalo.

San Jose Airport to Cabo Matapalo Puntarenas

Liberia Airport to Cabo Matapalo Puntarenas

This area is sort of isolated due to its difficult access. You will not find most of the basic services here and few people except hotel personnel and tour operators speak English. The weather is hot and humid so expect thunderstorms and lots of rain in the area. The main attraction is Corcovado National Park and the nearby Isla (Island) Del Cano.

The nearest airstrip is in Puerto Jimenez about 12 miles away from Matapalo or a 45-minute drive. By car, it takes 11 hours to get here from San Jose and a 4×4 is definitely required. The 11 hours drive through some of the most spectacular landscape is worth it. Wildlife can be easily spotted in the area due to lack of development. The endangered Scarlet Macaw dwells in the area. Don’t be surprised if a Macaw flies past your head as you rest on the beach under the shade of an almond tree. Almond and palm trees are part of the landscape that you will see along the beach.

Located across the bay from Pavones, a beach where one of the world’s longest lefts runs, in Cabo Matapalo you will still catch Pavones’ swells. In Cabo Matapalo there are three main surfing points. Hog Hole, also called Matapalito, is a point-reef break that provides a very steep fast wave that breaks to the right from low to medium-high tide. Back Wash breaks over a reef. The beach tends to return the energy back towards the line-up producing steep sections. Punta Pan Dulce is a double point break that has been compared to Rincon in California and has several fast hollow sections that break over a rock bottom. Flocks of scarlet macaws circle the break and land in almond trees along the shore. In the water, dolphins will delight surfers with their 360’s. Cabo Matapalo offers visitors the most interesting wildlife, secluded beaches, and lush forests.