Transfer to Turrialba

Airport Transfer to Turrialba

Located in Cartago, Turrialba is the final gate between the Central Valley area and the Caribbean Lowlands, this town offers the biggest archeological site of Costa Rica, Guayabo and the ambitious hydroelectric project that generated the latest lake of Costa Rica, Lago Angostura.

San Jose Airport to Turrialba Cartago

Liberia Airport to Turrialba Cartago

It takes about 3 hours to drive from San José; You take the Interamerican Highway to Cartago to drive to the town of Paraiso and turn left at the city’s main park, this will take you out of the Central Valley area and into the lowlands of the Caribbean through a scenic road full of landscapes and picture opportunities. The weather is hot and humid and rains quite a lot so be prepared for occasional showers.


The town has all major services including a hospital and some of the population speak English due to the Caribean influence of the patua. It is also the jumping-off place for whitewater rafting.