Costa Rica Surfing Tours

Costa Rica Surfing Tours

At the Caribbean or the Pacific Ocean, surfers that come to Costa Rica have the possibility to enjoy the best breaks of America. There are a lot of incredible beaches for wave lovers. We offer your several options through our Costa Rica Surfing Tours.

Take your time and find out how to get to the beaches for surfing in Costa Rica!
Beach for the Surf, has a hot water temperature around 27 degrees centigrade (80 F) throughout the year.
Costa Rica has the ability to hold two Pacific and Atlantic oceans, and that while one side is calm across the country is more hectic but they have good conditions for surfing.

As the waters are warm need no special clothing for surfing beaches of Guanacaste are best surfing beaches are also some available on the Caribbean Coast in the province of Limon are certainly no reason to complain. Below is a list of the best beaches for surfing:

Guanacaste Potrero Grande: A right point break in Santa Rosa National Park, which is accessible only by boat and cannot be camping. Playa Naranjo is a beach with a great break, Playa Grande with a high tide break north of Tamarindo. Tamarindo is an excellent base for surfing near the beach.

Playa Langosta: a break in the river mouth, south of Tamarindo. Hazelnuts with a very good wave break south.

Playa Negra: a breakdown of a wave right into the south.

Central Pacific
Jacó: a very popular for its beach breaks, with a lot of hotels and restaurants. Beautiful: with a variety of wave breaks and constant south of Jacó. Manuel Antonio with wave breaks near hotels and restaurants. Sunday with big breaks near hotels and restaurants. Matapalo breakpoints right at the beginning of the Osa Peninsula.

Playa Bonita: run left on the reef, this beach is very popular and is located north of the city of Limón.

Cahuita: with wave breaks at Playa Negra, near hotels and restaurants.

Cocles: wave to break just south of Puerto Viejo. Manzanillo to break when the wave is great.
No matter what your skill level to surf, Costa Rica has the waves to you, from gentle waves to table until thick and long pipes.
Information sites for the enjoyment of the Surf

The best conditions for surfing :
Here you will find beautiful waves. is blessed with steady and strong winds. Capable of supporting waves of 15 feet.
From April to November

Surfing in Jaco
This village is ideal for surfers, is located 2 hours from the city in a strategic area where you can move to other places, Jacó has a large wave breaks. Visit to book you Surf Lesson in Jaco Beach, the Surf School provides private or group lessons, and enjoys working with children and families.

Manuel Antonio
This beach has waves bursting and right to left. We must wait for the formation of strong waves, otherwise, the beach is very small for good surfing. We recommend that you visit the Parque Nacional, Manuel Antonio.

Playa Dominical
This beach, located about three and a half hours from San José by road (to three hours from Jaco). It has some of the best waves of bankruptcies of Costa Rica. Some of its waves rose from 3 to 8 feet.
If you’re lucky you can make a good run of Tide and time, a close look at the dolphins playing near you, which provides an unparalleled experience. There are many restaurants and places to stay. Here you can surf with rights and lefts, the depth of the sea is cubieto rock.

From December to June

Surfing in Carrillo
This white sand beach is just 10 minutes south of Samara, has only small waves.
Playa Negra
World-class waves. A right to break on rocky reef. With waves and rapid tube. Sometimes it gets pretty congested.

Bankruptcy wave coils. Good waves for longboards.

Mal Pais
A beautiful beach without the crowds with a wave of fast breaks and powerful. With a string of break left and right. It is better to have a good physical condition.

Playa Hermosa
Another powerful break wave. One of the most consistent waves in Costa Rica. Practice keeping your breath before entering.

Excellent left point break. Considered one of the longest in the world left.

Located 10 minutes from Playa Negra. This beach is a great break during low tides. It also has great surfing during high tide.

Playa Grande
There are many wave breaks at this point. This area protects hundreds of turtles coming to lay their eggs. When there are good wind waves to arrive from 2 to 7 feet tall. There are good hotels and restaurants.

Playa Tamarindo
This is a lively place with excellent location. There are good hotels and plenty of partying. There are three good waves of waves.

El Estero: breaking to the right, long and fun.

Pico Pequeño, a perfect wave, sometimes.

Lobster: This is the long and strong but not so perfect.

Mal Pais
This is paradise lost beaches and good waves.

This may be your first stop before starting to travel to other beaches. Samara is a fun place with good restaurants and hotels anywhere.

This is a great place to surf. It is a long beach with many good breaks. There are two waves: a break with the left and near the beach and a wave break right (Little Hawaii) where you can enjoy a sound wave and long but not perfect. The hotel offers good food the waves, beautiful bungalows, rental of kayaks and bicycles.

From November to

Isla Uvita —
It is the most powerful wave of bankruptcy on the left side of Costa Rica. You may be shipping from Limón but only at dawn, because of the winds. This item has three sections and is facing a coral reef, one meter above sea level. The good days can offer a strong and perfect wave that reaches 8 to 10 feet high. Carefully! You will need a good table and excellent physical condition if you want to get out of this successful business. Do not go alone, find people who know about the waves and coral reefs.

Cahuita —
This is a beautiful place south of Limon. It is well known for its national park for their nightly parties, big waves, exotic beaches, and excellent diving.
Puerto Vargas —
This beach is also a national park and offers breaks to regular size.

Puerto Viejo —
We recommend extreme caution on this beach. There is a wave of a strong and dangerous break on a coral reef, with an impressive fall. This is the strongest wave of Costa Rica. This wave has earned for himself the name “Salsa Brava”, has broken many tables, which is why we recommend bringing more than one table, so you can enjoy the true long waves. If you do not get lucky, the premises will be proud to photograph beautiful waves. In addition to challenging waves, Puerto Viejo is a beautiful town that offers great activities and friendly people.

Playa Cocles —
This beach is ten minutes away by car from Puerto Viejo and offers good wave breaks. Cocles waves are fun, but do not forget the flow!

Manzanillo —
It is only 20 minutes from Puerto Viejo. It is an exotic place and lonely. Large waves are waiting for you.
We hope to enjoy riding and surfing …