Transfer to Arenal Volcano

Airport Transfer to Arenal Volcano

About Arenal Volcano

Arenal is an active volcano that lies in the Guanacaste Volcanic Mountain Range. Formerly called “Mount Arenal” by the locals in 1968 the Arenal erupted and destroyed the towns of Tronadora and Pueblo Nuevo.

After the eruption, there was relative calm until 1981 when it started to display regular activity and has been active ever since.

This colossal wonder of nature rises 5,356 ft. above sea level. An area of 9,884 acres (4,000 hectares) around the volcano is protected under the status of a national park since 1994. In that area, you will find different kinds of snakes, jaguars, peccaries, and pacas.

San Jose Airport to Arenal Volcano

Liberia Airport to Arenal Volcano

The temperature ranges from 72 to 84ºF. At night, depending on the weather conditions, you might be able to see the molten lava flow down the cone. A still camera or video camera should be first on the list of items to carry with you.

Adventure travelers rate the Arenal Volcano area as their top destination in the world. Hiking through the Arenal National Park can be a risky yet your most exciting experience. Around this majestic volcano the tourist town, La Fortuna offers observatory-lodges, where you might want to get a room with a view of the volcano.

Near Arenal Volcano, you will find the artificial Lake Arenal. A successful hydroelectric project led by the Costa Rican Electricity Institute (ICE) was completed in 1978 enlarging the existing lagoon. This is a peaceful lake 54 miles (87 km) long with the Arenal Volcano set as background.

On Lake Arenal, you will be able to practice windsurfing, kayaking, boating, and fishing. The Tilapia, a native species from African waters, is the main fish that you will catch in the waters of the lake. Tilapia’s meat is considered a delicacy not only in Costa Rica but also around the world. The lake is at its windiest from December to April for windsurfers.

A boat ride across the lake will show you various picturesque scenes of the volcano. Enjoy a boat ride at night for an opportunity to admire the pyrotechnics at the top of the volcano. During daylight hours test your skills by fishing for Tilapia, someone might even cook it for you.

In the Arenal area, you can visit Mount Chato; an extinct volcanic crater that boasts a turquoise lagoon and is covered by a thick primary forest. This old crater is part of the Arenal Volcano complex. Very close to Mount Chato is the hazy Fortuna Waterfall 230 ft. (70 meters) tall. This waterfall will amaze you with its refreshing water flow.

The Tabacon River which flows near the volcano is the source of hot springs in private and public areas. National and international tourists visit this area looking forward to soaking in the hot relaxing waters.

Many lodges in La Fortuna and San Carlos offer hot springs and volcanic mud massages. You can enjoy thermally heated waters at night under moonlit skies. The phenomenon of steam on the water under the pale moonlight is worth seeing. Finish your evening with a soothing massage as you listen to the bubbling thermal waters.

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