Inshore fishing in Costa Rica

Inshore fishing in Costa Rica

The coastal waters of the Central Pacific coast in Costa Rica are among the most plentiful for sport fishing in the world. Literally, thousands of Roosterfish populate the area and are found throughout the year.

Usually, there is so much action with this fish that often, clients prefer to target other species after hours of the hard battle against these fish that is an incredible fighter. In this area, there are registered records in the capture of the Snook and the Pacific Backfin, both from the waters of the Central Pacific.

Fishing in Costa Rica on semi-submerged rocks and reefs can produce several Jacks and up to five different types of Snapper including Colorado, Mullet, Pacific Dog, Spotted Rose, and Yellow. When the waters are a little warmer (December through May) and species like baitfish (Herring, Mullet, etc.) can be found in tight and big schools the action can be fast and furious because the species of predators are patrolling the perimeters.

Usually, the baitfish reaches its mature size during the summer months from November to May and then only sporadically is been seen during the rest of the year. The inshore fishing of predator species includes the Barracuda (Pacific and Mexican), Pacific Bonito, Stripped Corvina, Jack Crevalle (Common and Pacific), Dolphinfish, Milkfish, Mackerel (Sierra and Chub), Needlefish, Black Skipjack, Trevally (Bigeye and Bluefin ), Tripletail, Tuna (Yellowfin, Bigeye and Skipjack) and Wahoo. There is a very wide variety of fish available to anglers in Costa Rica

The inshore fishing tours in Costa Rica are conducted in boats from 27 feet with a customized center console sport Fishers with T-tops. The small, lightweight and maneuverable “pangas” are necessary when the action is closer to the coast or at the mouths of rivers.

The half-day trips cost $ 450 in panga while the full-day trips cost $ 600. For most professional fishing trips, the cost per half-day is $ 550 and the one-day trip is $ 700 or more depending on the size of the boat.

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