Known throughout the world for its conservation efforts and respect for nature, Monteverde receives thousands of visitors each year who come to marvel at its misty green cloud forests, cool crisp mountain air and a stunning array of plant and animal life. This privately owned reserve has been acclaimed as one of the most outstanding wildlife sanctuaries in the New World Tropics.

The town of Santa Elena, located not far from Monteverde, is the area’s main service center and home to various shops and tourism companies. Other important towns in the area are San Luis and San Gerardo. Although the area’s main attraction is the Monteverde Biological Preserve, the region also features a variety of natural attractions, hiking trails, opportunities for observing diverse plant and animal life and much more.

The Monteverde area boasts a wide range of accommodation options that include everything from luxurious hotels to intimate and secluded mountain lodges. This area is quite popular among tourists so travelers should book early.


Owing to the area’s numerous natural attractions and rich ecology, most activities cater to natural history lovers and adventure seekers. Among the most popular choices are bird watching (this is the home of the resplendent quetzal), plant and animal observation, hiking, canopy tours – including the famous “hanging bridges”, and visiting butterfly and reptile gardens.

In addition to nature pursuits, Monteverde’s Quaker heritage adds a unique dimension to the area’s varied attractions. The Monteverde Quaker community was founded in the early 1950s when, just a few years after Costa Rica abolished its army, a dozen Quaker families from the United States traveled to this verdant mountain area and made it their home. Today, the Quakers have established a thriving cheese industry and are a nature-oriented community focused on responsible ecotourism.

Bird Watching
A haven for bird watchers, Monteverde provides refuge to innumerable bird species including the bellbird, umbrella bird, goldfinch and the dazzling and resplendent quetzal. A well-marked system of trails offers the ideal vantage point for spotting these colorful creatures.

Horseback Riding
Several hotels and mountain lodges, as well as some family-run operations, offer daily horseback-riding tours along scenic cloud forest trails, through villages and hamlets and to misty waterfalls or other natural spots.

Mountain Biking
A network of trails, ideal for mountain biking or hiking, snake their way amid mountains and lush forests to typical Costa Rican towns such as San Luis and San Gerardo, as well as to the Santa Elena and Monteverde preserves.

Treetop Adventures
Several exciting options are available for observing the diverse wildlife and fascinating activity in the treetops. Favorite among these are the Sky Walk, Sky Trek, and Natural Wonder Tram which allow visitors to explore the forest canopy from a unique and thrilling perspective. Visitors can walk over suspension bridges, glide through the canopy on zip lines anchored to platforms, or swing from the seat of an aerial tram, all the while observing several species of monkeys, birds, snakes, as well as different varieties of orchids, bromeliads, penguins, climbing plants, parasites and communities of insects and pollinators.

The diversity of plant and animal species, majestic forests and the variety of cultural, architectural and landscape possibilities, such as quaint towns and villages, make this region a popular location for picture taking.

Enchanting natural attractions, friendly locals and soothing peacefulness make this region a popular destination for national and international visitors searching for the ultimate honeymoon destination.

Language, Handicraft, and Art Courses
As a complement to the area’s nature activities, art, painting, pottery, Spanish courses, and workshops are available.

Zoo Farms (insects, reptiles, and amphibians)
To learn about the area’s most famous inhabitants, visitors can experience a fascinating up-close encounter with diverse species of butterflies, numerous types of snakes and exotic frog species in specially designed gardens or zoo farms that simulate theses creature’s rich habitats.

Monteverde Music Festival
In tune with nature’s peaceful melodies, the Monteverde Music Festival showcases an eclectic mix of talented musical groups advocating music in harmony with nature. To take advantage of the sunny weather and tourist high season, the festival takes place at the beginning of each year and includes performers from all over the country.

Monteverde Coffee Tour
Includes an interesting visit to a local Cooperative’s (a group of coffee growers) coffee plantations in the community of San Luis, where visitors are shown the coffee production process and then taken to the roasting company to savor the final product.

San Luis Waterfall
A short hike through emerald forests and scenic natural beauty take visitors to San Luis Waterfall, an impressive 300-meter waterfall located near the town of San Luis.

Monteverde Cheese Factory
The Monteverde Cheese Factory tour is a dairy lover’s delight. Here visitors will have the chance to observe the cheese production process in all its aromatic details – from cow to chow! You may also sample or buy an assortment of mouth-watering cheeses, ice creams, and sweets. The factory’s hours are Monday to Saturday from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and Sunday from 7:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

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The Monteverde Cloud Forest destination is one of the most active areas in Costa Rica where you can lot of opportunities to enjoy activities and tours.

This beautiful area in Costa Rica is a great option to visit during your Costa Rica vacation if some of your goals are to enjoy nature, adventure, and relaxation. Monteverde Costa Rica offers a great combination for nature and adventure lovers since you can find in this destination some activities like a canopy tour, zip line tour, horseback riding, night walk, coffee tour, hiking tour, guided tour, nature tour, culture tour and much more…

Selvatura Canopy Tour
Selvatura Adventure Park’s Canopy Tour is one of the safest adventures in Costa Rica. The Selvatura Canopy Tour guides will start by harnessing you with all the appropriate equipment will lecture you on all the safety procedures to enjoy this amazing adventure with the Selvatura Equipment.

Aventura Canopy Tour
The Monteverde zipline tour begins with a warm welcome in the Aventura Monteverde canopy tour (zip lines) facilities where the receptionist will help you fill all documents and formalities needed to practice the Aventura Monteverde canopy tour (zip lines).

Extremo Canopy Tour
The Monteverde Extreme canopy has one of the most beautiful views of the area, that can be observed during the tour. To reach the major heights, mix the extreme adventure together with the majestic. And admire the rich natural beauty of the forest and its treasures.

Santa Maria Night Walk
The Finca Santamaria night tour is one of the most interesting Monteverde Nature tours in the Monteverde region, the principal reason is that the Monteverde Cloud Forest has an amazing number of animals that you can you see in the trails taking a guided tour at the Monteverde cloud forest at day or at night.

Monteverde Horseback Riding
The Extremo Horseback Riding Tour offers you one of the most natural, fun and exciting horseback riding tours that can be found in Monteverde Costa Rica. During the Monteverde horseback riding tour, you will get the chance to ride through the vast forest which is home to a number of coffee and banana plantations, numerous other cultivated areas and farmlands.

Monteverde Organic Farm Tour
The Organic Farm tour consists of a guided tour where the visitor will enjoy the opportunity to learn about the vegetable process, from the first step to the last step.

Don Juan Coffee Tour
Enjoy an easy walk on the Monteverde plantations accompanied by a bilingual guide, and learn about the entire Monteverde coffee production process from planting to brewing. Afterwards, at the coffee house, try a delicious cup of Monteverde coffee while admiring the beautiful scenery of the farm and the Gulf of Nicoya.

Monteverde Waterfalls Rappelling
We begin to descend 6 waterfalls with a pool at the end. Every slope has a stationary security cable for the tourist. All of the waterfalls are different and the tallest measures 40 meters (131 feet)

Monteverde Sugar Cane Tour
The tour begins with a walk through the farm, which may have an opportunity to observe the different plantations, besides crossing a small area of forest where occasionally you can see wildlife.

Monteverde Frog Pond
The Frog Pond of Monteverde is an exhibition of over 30 species of Costa Rican frogs and toads. The individuals are distributed in separate artificial habitats that mimic their actual environment.

Monteverde Butterflies Garden
The Butterfly Garden offers the public over 40 species of Costa Rican butterflies. They are distributed in 5 different modules and their host plants. Well-trained bilingual guides will provide the visitor with clear instruction about the Natural History on each species, the tour will take nearly an hour.

Tree Top Suspension Bridges
Hanging bridges tour is a very good option to enjoy of the nicest views of the cloud forest, where the visitors could have the great opportunity to see nice views and walk over 8 different hanging bridges between 50 and 170 meters long.

Hidden Valley Night Tour
Our tour begins at 5:30 pm and ends at 7:30 pm. This is the time of transition from day to night. It is a guided hike by an expert naturalist who has also a 6V special light allowing you to see the animals clearly but keeping the impact to a minimum.

Selvatura Canopy and Suspension Bridges Combo
The Selvatura Canopy Tour and Suspensions Bridges combo tour is a package designed for the adventure and nature lovers, this tour is a perfect option if you are looking to combine adrenaline with relaxation.

Selvatura Canopy – Bridges and Butterfly Garden Combo
The Selvatura Park offers a variety of package depending on the activities that you are interested to enjoy, and one of the most popular Monteverde packages is this combo tour combining the Canopy tour, the suspensions bridges, and the beautiful Selvatura butterflies garden.

Selvatura Butterfly Garden
Enjoy a guided walk inside one of the world’s largest live butterfly exhibitions with an area of over 29,000 square feet (2,700 square meters). Come and enjoy all the wonders that you may discover in this marvelous World of Butterflies.

Sky Tram – Sky Trek Combo
The Sky Tram and Sky Trek combo tour is an adventure activity that you can enjoy during your Monteverde Costa Rica visit. This adventure combines the amazing and popular zip line tour with beautiful views of the aerial trams. The whole tour takes around 3 hours to 3.5 hours.

Sky Tram – Sky Walk Combo
The Sky Tram and Sky Walk is a perfect tour combination for the nature lovers. You will enjoy the beautiful and amazing views from the aerial trams and then you will walk in the suspension bridges to enjoy the beautiful Monteverde cloud forest area.

Sky Tram – Sky Trek – Sky Walk Combo
The Sky Trek Sky Tram and Sky Walk experience is a perfect combination to explore three of the most beautiful and popular activities in the Monteverde Cloud Forest area. You will enjoy the sky trek tour (zip lines or canopy tour), the skywalk tour (suspension bridges or hanging bridges) and the aerial tram in a 5 hours tour.