Sailing in Costa Rica

Sailing in Costa Rica

Sailing in Costa Rica will give you a day full of fun, sun, and adventure. With stunning water in front of you and a stunning sun above you, complemented by unique coastal landscapes, you cannot ask for more in a day’s sailing. Costa Rica Sailing is definitely something you should take the time to do it and enjoy your vacation.

You can always rent your own boat to sail to experience the Costa Rica Sailing, however, you surely will have a more pleasant time if you pay a tour onboard a sailing trip, since you do not know the area, you do not know where to go and the process of navigation can be harder than you might think. Just sit back and relax and let the ship’s crew takes over and take you through beautiful coastal areas of Costa Rica from a more interesting perspective.

Sailing Sunset in Costa Rica north pacific

There are plenty of sailing excursions that are offered in Costa Rica. You can find tours that take you to beaches where you can enjoy the surf in total privacy. You can also find sailing excursions that offer you wine and snacks while you surf along with the most beautiful coastal areas of Costa Rica.

When you select your choice in terms of accommodation, you can ask about the sailing trips. Some options of accommodation also offer packages for joint tourism activities that allow you not to worry about anything. This is always a great option because you can save time in finding the travel companies involved in sailing.

The adventure aboard these classic boats begins when you coast the picturesque coast both in the Atlantic and the Pacific. One of the most interesting trips is the one that goes through the beautiful beaches and islands of Manuel Antonio National Park. The best way to use the time properly during the “green season” is a half-day cruise during the dry season, because there are almost always perfect weather conditions.
As the boat glides silently driven by winds of the sea, you can probably see dolphins often swim in the wave that produces the boat behind it.

Occasionally you will see whales and giant turtles which for many is a particular emotion apart from the presence of abundant seabirds whose sight is enjoyed by the most avid fans of wildlife. The professional teams in these tours will guide you through this aquatic paradise while serving your safety and comfort. They will serve you personally ample portions of delicious food, in the tradition of large cruise ships but with a touch of home.

The service generally includes transportation, gourmet dinner or lunch, beverages, and bilingual guide. If you want to enjoy the journey you should take solar protection, sunglasses, hat, light clothing, light jacket, swimsuit, and towel. In general, the boats used in these tours are fully equipped with safety equipment (U.S. Coast Guard Standards), cellular phone, VHF radio, full bathroom, onboard music, snorkel equipment, and a fully equipped bar.

The sailing trips in Costa Rica are a good option for those who want to know the beautiful coasts of the country in a different way better than just going to some beaches by car or plane because it allows the tourist to experience the nature from closer.

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