Tips for Safety in Costa Rica

Tips for Safety in Costa Rica

Here in Costa Rica and elsewhere in the world, enjoy a safer stay by following these simple tips:

Know your destination and have a pre-planned route for the tour. Always be alert and awake to what is happening around you. Carry your map and personal ID at all times.

If your car suffers a hit from behind, don’t just stop anywhere on the road. Try to go to the nearest lighted public area and call the police for assistance – dial 911 in Costa Rica- If you are told by someone on the road that something is wrong with your car, do not stop immediately. Drive to the nearest gas station or other public places that is good lighting and probably someone who knows about cars.

If you suspect someone is too close to you while your vehicle is stopped at a red light or a signal of Stop, touch the horn. Do not stop for any flashing lights except emergency red cross vehicles or police cars which have red and/or blue flashing lights.

If you get lost, find a public area like a gas station, to read your map or ask directions. People along the road are very friendly and will gladly help you, just steer away from asking directions in a local bar or canteen.

The objects of value should be carried in the trunk or out of sight while driving or leaving the vehicle parked. It is most secure to park into a place that is well lit and leave nothing of value in the car.

Look inside your vehicle and the surrounding area before entering your vehicle. DO NOT pick up people along the way.

If you use an ATM, make sure the area is well lighted. Count your money inside your vehicle with the windows closed and locked. Some ATMs in Costa Rica only work from 5 am to 10 pm.

Do not leave keys in your car or the engine running while you are using an ATM or public phone. If you suspect that you are being followed or watch go to a nearby public place that is well lighting and call the police – dial 911 in Costa Rica for emergency and help.

If you must carry a purse or a shoulder bag, take it in front of you, close to your body. Make sure it is completely closed and when in the car put it on the ground or the trunk, do not carry it on any of the other seats for everyone to see it’s there.

If you are challenged by a hostile individual, driver tries to ignore them. If you find yourself being robbed give the person what they are trying to steal; your belongings are not worth your life or serious injury.

In an emergency dial 911 from any phone in Costa Rica, private or public it’ll call for help

Pay your departure tax ONLY at one of two international airports in Costa Rica, some coldhearted people take advantage of tourists and run away with their money. These taxes are $ 26 per person.