Jaco Costa Rica Arial Tramp

Jaco Aerial Tram Park Tour

Aerial Tram Park, located on the Central Pacific Coast, is a 90-hectare ecotourism project (90 hectares of forest) that will allow visitors to discover the hidden secrets and hanging gardens of the rainforest from a different angle. A cascading 18-meter waterfall, giant rainforest trees, and panoramic ocean views are part of the rainforest tram route.

The hour-long ride in open-air gondolas and a naturalist guide takes visitors to a height of up to 130 feet above the steep valley. Visitors will also have the opportunity to observe in the herbarium, a complete selection of medicinal, aromatic and flavoring plants, to learn more about their practical use and unique characteristics. In addition, colorful and beautiful tropical flowers of various shapes are part of the Heliconias gallery experience.

Transportation on the air-conditioned vehicle, Introduction video to activities, Tram ride, walking tour on the Rain Forest trails, naturalist guide.

Comfortable walking shoes, shorts or light pants, hat or cap, rain gear, binoculars, insect repellent & camera.


The site offers facilities for people with disabilities.