Manuel Antonio

We offer you the best tours in Costa Rica with a variety that no other place can beat. Either white water rafting on the Savegre River, Canopy Tours in the Arenal, or a tour inside the wildlife in Manuel Antonio. We offer you the best experience you can experience in Costa Rica.

Manuel Antonio is one of the most beautiful and expensive areas of Costa Rica for real estate and tourism. It is also one of the main tourist spots in the country famous for local and international tourists. It is a destiny almost mandatory for international visitors. Despite that, the tourist can find cheap hotels and cabins. It is located on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica next to the town of Quepos. Manuel Antonio began as a small town that had a nice national park next door. As the national park became more known, hotels began to open.

Because the town of Manuel Antonio is not very wide, the hotels and other buildings began to build on the road to Manuel Antonio National Park, and many of them took advantage of the panoramic views that this place offers. Soon, exclusive and expensive hotels were built to reach the current status of Manuel Antonio. Despite this, you can find cheap hotels but most of them are located next to the beach. The most expensive hotels and condos are located in areas of high hills that are more elegant and a little bit cooler.

If you want to go to Manuel Antonio first at all you need to go to Quepos which is located 4-5 hours from San Jose. In Quepos, you can take a bus (run every 30 minutes) that travels to Manuel Antonio directly or rise from the town to the hills, but this can be difficult and heated because of the hot and sunny weather of the sun.

Manuel Antonio National Park in Costa Rica

Among the variety of diversions for tourists that are offered in Manuel Antonio, the visitor can do sport fishing (very famous around the world), canopy tours inside the jungle, horseback riding on the beach or trails, hiking through the rainforest, and sea kayaking among others.

Manuel Antonio National Park is a small nature reserve, with only 682 hectares. But it contains anything that attracts tourists to Costa Rica: beautiful and luxury beaches, a magnificent landscape with islands near the coast, a lush rain forest with a network of interesting roads easy to walk, and lots of wildlife. There are excellent chances of seeing monkeys (all adores, cariblancos, and even titi monkeys), sloth bears, and coatis. The red macaws fly through there but often you need some luck to see them.

Despite being small, the Manuel Antonio National Park is one of the most popular parks in the country, receiving about 150,000 visitors annually in recent years. A few years ago the deluge of visitors threatened to ruin the same resource that these visitors came to enjoy. The park’s director in those years believes the park can tolerate no more than 300 visitors per day. In 1994, the Park Service began limiting the number of visitors to 600 per day (800 on Saturdays and Sundays), and the park is now closed on Mondays.