Vanilla Tour

Vanilla Tour

The Vanilla Tour or “Botanical Garden & Spice Tour” is one of the rarest in the area and the most unique experiences. This tour will give you the opportunity to enjoy the forest and learn all about the local species and flora. The tour is located on a farm called “Villa Vainilla” about 10 miles east of Quepos and Manuel Antonio National Park.

The farm is a tropical laboratory of sustainable agriculture. During the farm tour, you will experience the sight and aroma of vanilla, tropical species, cocoa, essential oil, and ornamental plants, in addition to observing sustainable practices such as natural fertilizer preparation, permaculture, species drying and a unique system of tea composition for disease prevention and nutritional plan.

This Tour is:

-10 miles from Floras and Gardens

-Guia Professional

-Villa Vanilla

-Observations of plants and animals