Selvatura Park

Selvatura Park

Start with 1.9 miles route that crosses the forest, in addition to roads where visitors can find each of the 8 different Hanging Bridges that make up this system of bridges. The length and height of these bridges vary between 170 feet and 560 feet in a length between 40 feet and 260 feet. You can fly on the 15 cables and 18 platforms with the option of Amaha de Tarzan at the end of the adventure. Selvatura Park is one of the longest if not the longest Canopy Tour in Costa Rica. This is also the only one located within the Monteverde Cloud Forest. After the Jardin de las Mariposas, which is one of the oldest in the world in butterflies.

This lodges more than 50 different species of butterflies from all over the country. In this tour, a guide will accompany you and introduce you to the world of butterflies and all its surroundings. Then you will visit the Colibris Jarden to observe more than 14 different species of hummingbird. A great experience for photography lovers and a spectacular show in the air for all nature lovers.

The last part will be the Selvatura Education Center where you will learn and look inside the cloud forest, enjoying the largest collection of insects in the world, owned by the famous world entomologist Dr. Richard Whitten and observe the exclusivity of the cloud forest within our center through our systematic auditorium.

In the exhibition of reptiles and amphibians, you will find frogs, lizards, geckos and snakes, more than 30 species. In this tour, you will be able to observe live reptiles and amphibians within areas with a specialized controlled climate that provides these wonderful creatures with a habitat like in a natural environment.

This Tour is:

-Tour of Butterfly Garden

-Tour of Selvatora Education Center

-Except for reptiles and amphibians

-Professional Guide