San Jose

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Costa Rica is one of those places that almost everyone dreams about visiting. And why not? It’s beautiful and exotic and offers a great getaway from the rigors of daily life. Costa Rica is akin to paradise for many people, bringing to mind images of beautiful beaches and stunning wildlife. However, like any sort of travel, planning a Costa Rica San Jose vacation will require some preparation.

The first thing you should consider when planning a vacation to San Jose, Costa Rica is what you want to get out of your holiday. Some people love to travel in order to participate in extreme sports or to take advantage of what is offered by the geography of a particular destination. When it comes to Costa Rica, beaches certainly come to mind. However, others like to travel for relaxation, and prefer to stay indoors or at a resort where you can receive a mobile massage, making the most of the sun and of great food. Others still will like to make the most of the culture around them and will prefer to seek out art galleries, local music, and just see how people in a different culture live. Depending on the type of person that you are, your planning will likely reflect a particular emphasis.

When planning your trip to San Jose, you should consider when you’d like to travel. The best time to visit Costa Rica is usually in the dry season. That is, of course, unless you have a particular love for stormy, wet weather. The dry season is between December and April, and while you might still experience rain, it will certainly be less than if you went at another time during the year. The time of year you decide to travel may have a significant effect on what you can do in Costa Rica. However, given that the dry season is a popular time for tourists to visit Costa Rica, you’ll need to get in quickly and make your bookings. It’s not uncommon for hotels and other lodgings to be booked out months in advance, so you’ll need to plan ahead unless you want to end up paying top dollar or finding yourself stuck without any accommodation at all. The wet season is a bit cheaper, but you may find that you are delayed in your travel, or that you are unable to do some of the things you planned on doing.

Traveling through Costa Rica with children is something that can be recommended for many families. While not all places around the world are child-friendly, you can rest assured that your children will be doted upon and entertained in Costa Rica. There are plenty of fascinating things to do in San Jose, as well as in Costa Rica more generally, and your children will love the variety of activities on offer, as well as the spectacular sights to be seen. There are surf camps, wildlife exhibits, and other kid-friendly options on offer. In addition, the food that you’ll come across on your Costa Rica San Jose vacation is generally quite mild, and children will find it palatable.