Magic Hour Sunset – Poas Volcano

Magic Hour Sunset – Poas Volcano


Starting from San Jose and driving inside the mountains with a view of the city, you will pass farms around the great volcano and enter the nearest National Park around 4:30 p.m. With the Pacific oceans on your left, the changing colors of the sunset will captivate you when you will be on the volcano at almost 1,000 feet. The day will be covered at night when you will experience the change in animals and sounds. Your naturalist guide will reveal things that an inexperienced tourist could never look at. This is the time when animals are most active. Creatures of the night include large colorful frogs, small cats and other animals of the night. Your wonderful night adventure is about marked roads that provide safe passages from the forest. Because of the altitude, there are no snakes or mosquitoes to worry about. Under almost every leaf you will find an adventure or an animal. The tour includes 2 hours in the heart of the forest and a delicious Tico-style dinner cooked over wood-burning kitchens in a nearby villa.

This Tour is:

-Travel to the mountains of Poas

-Animal and garden views

-Animal views

-2 hours in the beautiful jungle, and a Tico Typico dinner cooked with wood fire