Transfer to Bejuco Beach Puntarenas – Playa Bejuco Jaco

Airport Transfer to Bejuco Beach in Puntarenas

Bejuco is a relatively short beach and compulsively kept clean by its residents. The waves are fairly gentle and there is a lifeguard station sometimes actually manned.

Playa Bejuco Puntarenas

The beach road is characterized by relatively up-scale homes. The Hotel Delfin, a small hotel of a dozen or so rooms, Vacation rentals near tropical Bejuco has recently had a face-lift. It has a restaurant with a very spacious and pleasant dining room and a menu adequate to satisfy either gringos or Ticos.

San Jose Airport to Playa Bejuco

Liberia Airport to Playa Bejuco

All along this beach, there are signs warning of dangerous currents but the currents are no worse here than elsewhere along the central coast. In fact, we have not seen any evidence that rip-tides are any more common on the central coast than in Southern California. Tropical vacation beaches Bejuco near Palo Seco If you don’t know what to do in a rip-tide you shouldn’t enter the ocean anywhere in the world (see “Advice for Visitors” for safety rules in the ocean).