Transfer to Esterillos Este

Airport Transfer to Esterillos Este

This is a very fine beach. As with Playa Palma (Bandera), the beach road is in front of the homes to the right of the corner where the road from the Costanera reaches the beach, and behind them to the left. Tropical beach vacation homes for rent near Esterillos Most of the lots to the left are fenced, and vehicular access to the beachfront is difficult to find, even with 4WD.

San Jose Airport Transfer to Esterillos Este

San Jose Airport Transfer to Esterillos Este

Esterillo Beach EstVacation beach-front homes for rent near Eaterillos The beachfront is for the most part well-wooded with coco palms and other trees, but there are indications of severe erosion along part of the right side of the beach. In fact, for a while in 2001 the erosion cut off the beach road and stranded a resident at the west end of the beach.

The erosion has continued intermittently up until the present time (February 2005) and poses a serious threat to beachfront property values.

A new (2003-04) development calling itself “Monterey del Mar” consists of two older beachside cabinas operations refurbished an extended with a new clubhouse and restaurant facility. The restaurant’s food is fair but expensive and the plates come overburdened — a case of “more lunch than you can eat for $10.00.” The hotel tariff is a bit pricey for what is offered. Monterey del Mar is an adjunct of a much larger, all-new development of homes, lots and condominiums across the Costanera from the entrance to the beach.

There is also a somewhat run-down hotel, the Auberge du Pelican. A quiet little restaurant, the Tulú, is to be found at (but, alas, not on) the easterly part of this beach. It is best reached by a separate road, running straight out to the beach road (which is here behind the homes). The restaurant has changed hands several times, giving rise to uncertainties about the quality of its food and service.