Bird watching in the Central Pacific

Bird watching in the Central Pacific of Costa Rica

Bird-watching in the Central Pacific of Costa Rica can be enjoyed in various public and private protected areas, including Negritos, Birds, Cape Blanco, Carara, and Curú, as well as other fine spots. The tours to see birds in the Pacific almost always remain the central Pacific coast, passing close to beaches as Dominical, Manuel Antonio and Jaco. These tours often stop on the road, because it is a real treasure for bird lovers. In the dry forest of the National Park Carara can be seen over 400 species of birds. In this area, you can see the famous red macaw, the Martinete Coroninegro, Martinete Ladle, and Osprey.

On the beaches in this part of Costa Rica, there are hundreds of Chorlitejos and Agujeta Silbona. In the forest, we can see Saltarin, Tucan, Atrapamoscas Real, Pava, Icterido and Batará. With more this high quantity of species of birds recorded, there is no doubt about the great potential of the Carara National Park. The tourists that love the observation of exotic birds, as well as experts in ornithology, will appreciate the richness of the park. This is confirmed by the testimonies of the visitors and the affirmations of media and publishing entities such as Discovery Channel, National Geographic and the National Audubon Society.

The bird watching in this zone of Costa Rica will take to other areas of the central Pacific, near the hotels and into the mangroves of the Tárcoles River. Near the mouth of the Tárcoles River, there is a valuable ecosystem which is inhabited by numerous species of animals among which you can see over 200 species of birds inhabit the area, including the red macaws that at the sunset addresses there to stay overnight.

Near the region of San Gerardo de Dota in Costa Rica, there is a tour with a duration of 2 hours and it begins with an early morning walk when you can see quetzals and some of the 175 species identified in the area. Among the services that this tour includes, there is the presence of a bilingual guide, in addition to that, the tour is recommended for all ages. Binoculars are recommended, walking shoes, raincoat and a book of birds.

Other tours in Costa Rica will take you towards the beautiful province of Guanacaste. In the valley of the Tempisque River, you will arrive at the Palo Verde Biological Station. The region of Palo Verde has one of the most preserved dry forests in the region and it contains the highest presence of birds in Central America. The swamps around the reservation are the place where more than 60 different species of marine birds find their food.

In Costa Rica, the Cerceta Aliazul and the Porrón Acollarado can be seen by thousands here. Other species very common are the hummingbirds, Chipes, Icteridos, Tarangas, Hawks, and Owls. In total have been counted more than 300 species of birds. The tours can be done by foot and with a boat on the river Tempisque with their small islands full of birds.