Golfito in Costa Rica South Pacific Coast

Golfito in Costa Rica South Pacific Coast

Indigenous villages used to be what is today Golfito, with the cultivation of bananas, and thus the banana companies have transformed this region of Costa Rica. The city of Golfito is the header of the canton of Golfito and is located about 341 km from the city ofSan Jose and 41 km from Ciudad Neily. As its name indicates, Golfito is a small inlet in the Golfo Dulce, this one is formed between the Osa Peninsula and the Punta Banco, in the course of the Panamanian border. The port is situated in a beautiful scene of wooded hills, with the Osa Peninsula visible in the distance. These hills are part of the National Wildlife Refuge Golfito.

Golfito Bay is very well protected and only close the mouth connects to the ocean, is a perfect place for a port. Here is built the main port for the extraction of bananas. The plantations extended to the border with Panama and Golfito was the ideal port.
Even today it can be seen in Golfito divided into two districts: The workers lived in simple houses made of wood at the Village Civic in the south, and the Americans administrators in green villas in the northwestern part, the villas are made from green wood painted now situated in the so-called American zone.

In 1985 the United Fruit Company and the landowners withdrew the banana plantations in Costa Rica after 72 days of strike by workers. Since then unemployment has been a major problem in this region. Many of the banana plantations were transformed into the African palm. This palm oil is used for cooking oil, margarine, and soap. Many of these plantations are leased by independent entrepreneurs. In 1990 a free trade zone was established in Golfito, with the aim of creating jobs. The only condition to buy in this deposit is that you must stand in Golfito at least one night.

There are nearby beaches that are good for surfing or swimming, also there are tours for tourists on a boat for the one-day duration in Rio Claro that is really good for fishing or to visit the nature reserve of Golfito, located north of the town. Golfito has its own marina and is an excellent starting point for sport fishing. The free trade zone, Storage Free Trade of Golfito, is located in Golfito and is an important point which many Costa Ricans go to buy appliances for its reduced price. Many people travel from San Jose or more away to buy televisions, washing machines and many more. All the Costa Ricans in this area can buy a duty-free warehouse in the Free Trade of Golfito.

There is a variety of hotels and restaurants in the locality, however, there may be problems occupying only on weekends when buyers arrive at the warehouse.