La Cruz Town in Costa Rica

La Cruz Town in Costa Rica

La Cruz in Costa Rica is the tenth canton of the Province of Guanacaste in Costa Rica and was founded in the year 1969. At present, approximately 70% of its economically active population works in activities related to animal husbandry, agriculture, and fisheries. The development that has experienced in recent years is partly due to the opening of the Inter-American Highway and the boom of tourism. The limit southeast of this canton, is made up of the dividing line of the Cordillera de Guanacaste, where there are located the volcanoes Orosi, Rincon de la Vieja, and Miravalles, widely recognized tourist sites in Costa Rica. La Cruz has a supply of public and private services of all kinds, especially in the area of health and education so that tourists do not lack any kind of comfort.

This border canton of Guanacaste province is located on the shores of what is known as Mirador La Cruz, from where there are beautiful and stunning sunsets, with the sun hiding in the Pacific Ocean, under the breadth of the horizon, one of the finest spectacles of Costa Rica. This viewpoint along Santa Rosa National Park are two of the biggest attractions of the area, where the Casona de Santa Rosa, preserved since the mid-nineteenth century, is a monument to the history of Costa Rica where took places one of the biggest battles against William Walker, the leader of the filibusters that tried to conquer the Central American region. The beaches at La Cruz are as wonderful as many other attractions in Costa Rica. The best known are Cuajiniquil, Bahia Salinas, Playa Papaturro, Playa Nabos, Playa Jobo, Playa Rajada, Playa Copal, Puerto Solely Beach, Playa Pochote and Manzanillo. In this canton is located also the biological reserve Isla Bolaños, a major tourist site with lots of marine life. Between these beaches we should note the following:

Pochote beach: Is a beach for tan-colored sand and crystal clear water with gentle waves. It is ideal for swimmers, for fishing, diving, and other water sports, with caution by strong sea currents. For its part Puerto Solely Beach is a beach of white sand and deep blue water of more than 3 kilometers long, with moderate to strong waves, it shares the exotic charms of Bahia Salinas. It lies near the border with Nicaragua, and relatively close to the Santa Rosa National Park. Playa Papaturro has an area of 2 km in length between Punta Morro and Punta Copal. Presents strong tides and waves, its sands are brown clear and the slope is moderate. For its location, is excellent for the practice of kitesurfing, but please keep in mind that there are rocks and shells in some areas. Playa Rajada is a beach virgin, unknown to most people of Costa Rica with a great wealth of flora and fauna, land and sea. Its natural beauty complements its beautiful mangrove and estuary. It is a clear sand beach, gentle slope, and low waves, with a length of 600 meters. Is a site designed to sun, sand, sea, sports fishing, scuba diving, and camping. At the front of the beach, is an island of great beauty.

The development of tourism with the rest of this Costa Rica region has helped generously to the population of La Cruz, as many are working in occupations related to tourism and others have turned their homes into small hotels and restaurants. The arrival of tourists (domestic and foreign) to the beaches of this region in Costa Rica has been growing steadily, generating demand for luxury hotels and houses that have been developed across the coastal zone. This has caused a significant increase in the prices of real estate but this tendency has lowered by the current world economic crisis.

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