Hermosa Beach in Costa Rica

Hermosa Beach in Costa Rica – Central Pacific

Driving northwest on route 34 there is a cliff with a breathtaking view, Punta Guapinol. From here you can see a beach 10 miles long, Hermosa Beach and its surf waves. Located only ten minutes by car from the beach and the town of Jaco and at a short journey from the capital San Jose, Hermosa Beach offers to the surfers one of the most consistent breaks in the world. However, it is important to mention that in Hermosa Beach currents are very strong and are not ideal for swimming.

This beach is well known for its surf, for all the surfers in the world. At least one time during the national championship takes place at Hermosa surf. In addition, several international events such as surf “Vans Airshow” takes place on this beach where it ends. Surfers that have been recognized worldwide surfing here regularly: Christian Slater, Bob Hurley, Thomas Lange, and many others. The Costa Rican surfers Gilberth Brown, Luis Vindas, Lisbeth Vindas, Jairo Perez, Jason Torres, Carlos Muñoz, Federico Pilurzu, Juan Carlos Naranjo and Diego Naranjo are part of surfers in Hermosa.

Costa Rica Central Pacific Coast

Hermosa offers the entire infrastructure for a perfect surf trip: Surf shops, surf schools, hotels on the beach and perfect waves. The best time to practice surfing in Hermosa Beach is from April to November when the tide is high and growing. One of the best breaks on the beach is located in front of a large tree known as El Almendro or Arbol Almendro.

The long beach that runs from north to south is divided into five surf places: Terrazas, Backyards, El Almendro, La Curva and Tulin. Terrazas, located opposite a hotel of the same name is not an easy place to surf, for that reason is not for beginners. The backyard is a good place to catch a “tube” to surf when the tide is in the middle.

El Almendro breaks in front of a large almond tree, but the waves break out at sea and are higher than in Backyard. Scarlet macaws can be seen in this tree, eating almonds. La Curva is located half a kilometer to the south; its bottom is sandy and not very deep. A mile farther south you can arrive in Tulin, this surf place is better during the dry season. The sea turtles use this beach to nest.

Because in Hermosa Beach are accommodations are rather scarce, most of the surfers tend to stay in Jaco which has acknowledged several bars, hotels, resorts, and rooms for rent. Usually, people prefer the black sand beach of Hermosa instead of the beach of Jaco because this is usually unoccupied during the week.

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