Herradura beach in Costa Rica

Herradura beach in Costa Rica – Central Pacific

Herradura beach in Costa Rica is located just 30 minutes from Jaco in Costa Rica and is renowned for having quite luxurious hotels, some of them famous in the country. The beach is protected by its own shape of a horseshoe, for that reason the waves are small making it a good place for swimming. The town of Herradura is not very impressive but it has its own accommodations.

Herradura is fully equipped for marine sports such as sport fishing, also some of the largest private yachts in Costa Rica anchor in Herradura Bay. Due to its central location and proximity to San Jose, this is one of the most popular beaches for day trips. Many tourists who come to fish in Costa Rica are housed in hotels and resorts near Herradura and used fishing boats at their disposal to enjoy one of the best experiences of fishing that you can find in the country. In addition, Jaco with a lively and interesting nightlife is just a few minutes away by car.

The ocean is calm in Herradura beach and good for swimming as mentioned before, ideal for the family. The central Pacific region, where is located the Herradura beach, offers something different for each tourist, so is impossible to get bored in this place because there are a lot of things to do. These activities include swimming and the practice of surf (in Jaco beach), coastal villages, sports fishing, wildlife, outdoor activities, and a beautiful national park.

Herradura nearby areas are precisely in the transition zone where the Amazon and Mesoamerican biological environment meet each other and is the meeting place for species from both environments. One of those areas is Carara, a famous national park that protects an evergreen forest of great complexity and density, with abundant wildlife, including the American crocodile, spider monkeys, and frogs, and is also one of the best places to observe birds throughout all Costa Rica.

The 1492 film with Gerard Depardieu as Christopher Columbus was filmed on the Herradura beach in Costa Rica. The film was recorded on the Pacific coast, but the place where it happened the historical arrival of Columbus, in reality, was on the Caribbean coast. Several buildings and an Indian village were built for the film in which it was worked 10 weeks in this location. In the past Herradura was a sleepy village of fishermen, this has changed a lot. The bay is dominated by luxury condominiums and a golf course. Many owners of these condominiums are Americans and Europeans. With its tranquil waters, Herradura beach in Costa Rica remains as a major holiday destination for those seeking a quiet atmosphere.

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