Junquillal beach in the city of Cuajiniquil, north pacific – Costa Rica

Junquillal beach in the city of Cuajiniquil, north pacific – Costa Rica

Junquillal is a recreational area that includes a wide white beach of great scenic beauty, very gentle waves of waters that are very transparent and slightly cooler than the rest of the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. In this beach spawn, a lot of sea turtles and very close to the place were discovered the remains of a pre-Columbian settlement of a village farmer of hunters and collectors of marine products.

Junquillal is located 46 kilometers north of the city of Liberia; you can arrive by taking the Interamericana road until the civil guard post. From there are still ten kilometers to the community of Cuajiniquil and from that community, you have to continue 4 kilometers north until you get to the beach.

Junquillal beach near La Cruz in Costa Rica north pacific

The dry forest extends to the edge of the beach; there are small areas of mangrove. The Frigate bird (Fregata magnificens) and brown pelicans (Pelecanos occidentalis), which are abundant their nest on the islands and islets located off the coast, such as islands of Los Muñecos and Juanilla. During the months of December to February, it is possible to see humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae), reaching up to 15 meters long, swimming at a short distance from the beach, and has also reported the presence of the harmless and giant whale sharks (Rhincodon typus).

Junquillal beach is located 30 kilometers west of Santa Cruz and 20 kilometers south of Tamarindo. Junquillal Beach is located near the village of the same name and is the perfect escape if you want to avoid monotony and bustle of other beaches. This beach is ideal if you want to make a quiet walk alone or with your couple because their sunsets are truly spectacular. It is not the best beach to swim because its waters are dangerous, but Junquillal Beach has some nice points for surfing and an estuary in the area. For those who prefer more action, there are other activities such as horseback riding, fishing, and snorkeling in the open sea.

You can make a trip to the nearby Playa Negra and Playa Avellanes. In these places, there are excellent opportunities for surfing or visit the National Marine Park Las Baulas of Guanacaste, a national park which is just north of Tamarindo.
The administration of this place is located 5 kilometers north of Cuajinquil, in this community, there is a market. Besides the administration is the camping area with tables, toilets, and drinking water. There is a service of buses Liberia – Cuajiniquil in case that you need it.

Those people that are looking for a place to reduce its speed and live more easily will find what are they looking at Playa Junquillal. A pleasant climate, a way to live without tension, and excellent hosts to welcome you are an irresistible combination that makes Junquillal an ideal refuge. Having a few restaurants, two shops, a school for 20 children is part of the attraction that makes Junquillal a village full of charm. Do not go hoping to go to the disco, rent watercraft or looking for some kind of noisy.