Liberia City in Costa Rica

Liberia City in Costa Rica

Liberia is the head of the province of Guanacaste, Costa Rica. It emerged in the second half of the eighteenth century under the name of Pueblo de Guanacaste, as a result of the establishment of a parish in aid of its location, albeit without legal foundation. Liberia is approximately 4 hours from the capital of Costa Rica and the access is very easy by car. He was often called “The White City” because, in the past, its streets were made of “gravel”, a dusty material of white color. Its climate is hot and dry from November to May and wets from late May to early November, with heavy rains in September and October. It has an average annual temperature of 27 degrees C and extremes are of historical 12.8 º C and 40.1 º C.

The town of Guanacaste, Liberia City in Costa Rica, arose from 1769 around a hermitage, but without a formal legal act of foundation. In 1787, it became part of the municipality of Leon in Nicaragua. In July 1824 their neighbors declined the invitation of the government of Costa Rica to join that country, but became part of it in 1826, due to an Act of Congress of Central America, which added to Costa Rica throughout the territory of the former Party of Nicoya. Gradually shifted to Nicoya as the main population of the territory and was erected in the header of the Department of Guanacaste. In 1836 received the title of town and in 1854 changed its name to Liberia. In 1856, the city was renamed “Moracia,” in honor of Juan Rafael Mora Porras, president of the republic at that time. After the coup that gave the latter, the city finally came to be known as “Liberia”.

Actually, tourism is given a lot to this zone, which has an airport that receives daily international flights: Daniel Oduber Airport, so it is common to see foreigners walking along the outskirts of the city. It is a city known for some by their folklore and customs. The climate is typical summer weather. One of the main attractions of this area of in Costa Rica is the proximity of the beaches and the many hotels that are on them. Places like the Gulf of Papagayo have been greatly developed in recent years and the growth continues. With the arrival of more international flights to the area, tourism has emerged as the largest partner for the development of the city of Liberia. It is currently installed in the area several high technology companies. The first is the Ad Astra Rocket Company and is located on the campus of the University EARTH (La Flor). Undoubtedly, the zoo Africa Mia became one of the top attractions in Liberia, Costa Rica. Giraffes, wild boar, ostrich, oryx, zebras, and bongos try to captivate the national and foreign tourists.

Parts of the developments are the offspring that took some of the exotic animals as “Tico”, the dromedary of six months. Hippos and rhinos could complete the exotic menu of interesting animals of this place. Some of the airlines that fly daily to Liberia are American Airlines, Continental, Delta. The group Taca has already had permits from the respective ICT so it will soon be added to this list. There are also charter flights from Canada to companies Sunwing and Sky Service. Daniel Oduber Airport in Costa Rica receives an average of 38 weekly flights, with an average of 1,118 passengers per day. Only in January 2005, over 32 thousand tourists entered the city of Liberia for this airport. In 2005 the number of passengers from this airport in Costa Rica was almost 400,000 passengers. Only during the 2007 season (December-April) is expecting more than 200,000 passengers. The British airline First Choice Airlines is flying from London, England, at the airport in Liberia since May 2007.

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