Rafting in Costa Rica

Rafting in Costa Rica

The mountainous topography of Costa Rica and the abundant waterfalls are responsible for some of the best rivers to run fast that you can find in the world. With nearly half a dozen rabid rivers are regularly used by experienced athletes and these trips on the river not only provide plenty of excitement, but they also go through scenarios wonderful. The enthusiastic flood of these rafting lovers are not only ones that prove the rapids of Costa Rica, but also several kayaks Olympic teams; each year thousands of visitors experience the thrill of experience the fast rivers of Costa Rica for the first time.

Costa Rica is the perfect place for the first experience of navigating in wild rivers because there are many rivers that combine reasonably turbulence and the beauty that surrounds them. Even there are rivers that are perfect for family excursions and for birdwatching because there are no turbulent waters and can float through forests filled with birds and other animals. In fact, almost all the rivers offer the opportunity to see some wildlife, such as iguanas, blue butterflies, parrots, otters, herons, and kingfishers fisherman.

The river routes are available to the rafters ranging from the turbulent waters of Rio Reventazón, where you barely have time to catch a breath between each fast water to the delicate curves of the Rio Corobici where you spend more time watching wildlife and paddling. The travels through the most popular rivers are those that offer a good combination of fast waters plenty of challenges with calm parts where you can sit comfortably and enjoy the scenery. If you have proved a bit of rafting before, in the United States, for example, you will find the water in the rivers of Costa Rica very comfortable and warm, a good change from the rivers to the north of the continent. All the travels through the fast rivers in Costa Rica can be done in kayaks; however, the person must be experienced.

A wide selection of expert rafters makes travels to some of the more accessible country’s rivers, using trained guides for experience the rivers and using the most modern equipment – the rafters are equipped with life jacket and helmet, ensuring safe but exciting excursions. The day trips include transportation to the river and back, breakfast and a picnic lunch on the banks of the river. The travels of more than one day include lodging in cabins and all meals.

In Costa Rica, the most popular rivers for rafting are the following: Rio Reventazon located in Cartago that has very strong currents during all the year. It has 4 sections with different levels of difficulty. The Pacuare has the longest and most spectacular journey in Costa Rica and it is in the top 10 of the best rivers in the world for rafting and kayaking with their brave’s waters and beautiful environment. The Sarapiqui that is a relatively calm river good for beginners, it has a wild beginning with a calm ending. It is surrounded by a beautiful nature filled with birds. Other rivers that are good for rafting are the Savegre, Naranjo, El General, and Corobici.