Surfing in the Central Pacific of Costa Rica

Surfing in the Central Pacific of Costa Rica

The Central Pacific Coast of Costa Rica is home to some of the most consistent and enjoyable beaches for surfing around the country. From the endless breakpoints in Boca Barranca until the big waves at Playa Hermosa, this area offers something for everyone because there are many beautiful beaches with excellent waves to enjoy an unforgettable experience. In the area, you can find excellent accommodation and good infrastructure, for that reason you have the ingredients for a surfing paradise.
The best time to practice surfing in the Central Pacific of Costa Rica is the months of April through November. The best places in the Central Pacific of Costa Rica for surfing are:

Barranca in Costa Rica
The waves are formed at the mouth of a river that has great breaks. This is a short stroll from San Jose and a great trip from Jaco Beach. Comfort and quality of the break attract surfers from around the world.

Suf in Caldera
Caldera in Costa Rica has excellent braking to the left located 3 km south of Boca Barranca. The rupture occurs outside the dock/river near the mouth of the harbor.

Escondida Beach in Costa Rica
It is situated about 5 minutes of a luxury resort and quite near Jaco. It is a horseshoe beach-shaped which presents good breaks to the right and to the left. It is one of the most popular spots for local surfers when there are good waves.

Jaco Beach
Jaco is one of the most popular surf towns in Costa Rica, located only 2 hours from San Jose. There are a variety of good restaurants, surf shops, and nightlife. Jaco Beach in Costa Rica has a beach break fun and is home to some of the best surfers of Costa Rica. Its central location and a wide range of services make it a great place to base your surfing adventure. The waves are great for those who learn to surf, lessons are available.

Roca Loca Beach – Costa Rica
Located at the south end of Jaco Beach, just below the cliff of the coastal road. This beach has a delicate wave that breaks to the right when is submerged.

Hermosa Beach – Central Pacific
This Costa Rica beach is the most consistent beach break in the Central Pacific and is located only 10 kilometers south of Jaco. Deep waters off the coast and exposure to different currents have created a variety of sand barriers. The preferred place to surf is in front of a large tree known as “The Almond”. The beach has perfect waves for surfing.

Esterillos and Bejuco in Costa Rica
They have areas with good potential for those willing to go a little beyond in the way they surf. These beaches are located 20-30 kilometers south of Jaco and are usually empty. There are many beach breaks with conditions similar to Hermosa Beach.

Quepos town and beach in Costa Rica
It has a left break located at the mouth of a river just outside the city and also has several good beach breaks in the area. Quepos is about 45 minutes south of Jaco. Manuel Antonio is a little beyond the hill of Quepos and is home to a beautiful national park and white sand beaches.

Espadilla Beach
Espadilla Beach in Costa Rica is located at the end of the road to Manuel Antonio, just before the entrance to the National Park. The breakpoint of this beach can provide a lot of fun with the big waves that are in the bay.

El Rey Beach in Costa Rica
It is a beach that presents stunning beach breaks and waves. Playa El Rey is located about 25 minutes south of Quepos on the road to Sunday.

Dominical Beach

Dominical Beach in Costa Rica is another powerful and consistent beach with beach breaks like Playa Hermosa, but with a tropical landscape more remote and lush. There are some secrets breakpoints and also has some mouths of rivers. Dominical is about 45 minutes south of Quepos.