Zancudo Beach in Costa Rica South Pacific Coast

Zancudo Beach in Costa Rica South Pacific Coast

Zancudo Beach is located on the Osa Peninsula in the south pacific of Costa Rica. The community of Zancudo is small, about 300 people and some foreigners. Many of the inhabitants are dedicated to artisanal fisheries using fishing boats made from a tree trunk or are engaged in any business related to tourism. Many years ago, the area was dedicated to the cultivation of bananas, then switched to the cultivation of African Palm, which is what is spent much of the land.

Many of the visitors of Zancudo are people who come from nearby towns like Villa Neily, San Vito, Sabalito, located on the border with Panama and Golfito. At present Zancudo beach is a place in constant development that offers some hotels, restaurants, tours in the mountains, surfing, a safe place to swim and world-class sport fishing. The sportfishing packages cost around $ 2000 to $4000 for 3 to 7 days, but you can get more comfortable prices by contacting fishermen in the area.

In the area, there are many choices of accommodations, some of them located in from of the beach. That gives you the possibility of resting in your hammock under the palms surrounding the place. The prices range is between $ 7 and $ 200, according to the site and the services offered. You can find everything from a room to spend a night, up to rent a house or if you are a practical person, you can find an area for camping that allows you to feel the sea breeze.

Usually, visitors are in love with this area and they wish to expand their visit. Some come with hammocks and spend the day resting between the palm trees, to enjoy a quiet tropical vacation and watching the ocean and the natural beauty of the surroundings.
If you like to swim, Zancudo is an ideal area for this, in front of Playa Zancudo the waves are not very big, great for practicing bodysurfing or boogie boarding, but you just need to walk about 10 minutes to see a large increase in the size of the waves that in some parts are perfect to practice surfing but if you do not have Surfboard, you can rent one at the close store, or rent a kayak and enjoy a quiet tour in the sea to know estuaries that can be found in the Coto river, where there is an abundance of plants, flowers, and fauna, among which you can enjoy bird watching.

Or if you like walking in the vicinity you can visit the shops or the gardens of the hotels where you can see many kinds of plants, flowers, and orchids. In the Tour in the Coto River (takes about 4 hours and is worth about $ 40 / p), a river that is quiet and comfortable, but rich in wildlife, you will see many kinds of wild animals like monkeys, birds, crocodiles and anteaters among others, as well as heliconias, large trees, orchids and many flowers.