Dolphin & Whale watching

Dolphin & Whale watching

It is not known why but observes the whales and dolphins have always fascinated us since the beginning of the world. They are among the most famous animals on the planet interesting for its sociability and clear intelligence and especially of the dolphins who express affinity for the human being. That’s why it has become increasingly common for tourism the trips to watch whales and dolphins in their natural environment, in the middle of open sea where these creatures can swim freely.

Costa Rica has a coastline on both sides of the national territory. The Pacific coast and the Caribbean coast. This makes Costa Rica a country with rich marine, despite not having large reefs it has a wide variety of biological groups. However one such group is not exactly fish, but marine mammals, cetaceans.
In Costa Rica cetaceans represent the third group of mammals with more species
in our country, after the bats and rodents
We can find on both coasts, some are frequent visitors, others are residents.
To be able to observe whales is necessary to be very aware of three things:

-Do not get too much closer to, recommending a distance of 150 meters from mothers with offspring and 100 meters from individuals alone (in the case whales). In the case of dolphins often they are the ones who come to the boats, so it is recommended to lower the speed and not to cross in front of them.

-Have enough patience because not always is easy to see these animals.

-Use the necessary equipment and travel with someone with the required experience.

Remember that it is extremely important not to cause any stress or endanger our lives or those of Cetaceans and their offspring. Recall that the whales come to Costa Rica to have their young and breed that is why we must be very careful because their behavior is not equal to many times that we see on television. They need their space, so we must respect them.
In our Pacific coast is more common to see them in the case of the whales in the months January to March and June to September.
The dolphins can be seen throughout the year.
Some of the areas most famous for whale watching and dolphins in Costa Rica are:

• Coronado Bay in the South Pacific.
• The Osa Peninsula and surrounding areas.
• Golfo Dulce.
• Guanacaste and the Nicoya Peninsula.
Southern Caribbean

However, the most famous place to see whales and dolphins in Costa Rica is Parque Marino Ballena located between Punta Uvita and Punta Piñuela in the south pacific in a region called Osa. Is an important place where the tourist can see interesting animals as the famous Humpback whale

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